Prices one million nobody cares! Shenzhen top stream school district housing big sale, second-hand housing turnover record low

Source of this china tik tok famous girlarticle: Times Finance Author: Zhou Jiabao

There is Wu Yifan, Zhang Zhezhen, and then Meng Mumei, Li Yundi, this year, this year, the “collapse of the house”.

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The star “collapse” incident frequently, the news that the relevant brand endorsement will not be in the ear, the business value of the involved star has no exception. Some people “collapse”, there is a person who rely great wall of china cost on “Chen Yong”, which rely on “Chen Ying Order”, and the endorsement of this year is soft.

Ai Man Data shows that as of the third quarter of this year, Xiao Ying cooperation brand is as high as 27, and in the fourth quarter of last year, the cooperative brand is still only 8. According to fan statistics, it has been expired, and as of October 22, Xiao Ying hand holds 25 brands, across food, catering, home life, sports shoes, video platforms and luxury goods and many other areas.

“Double 11” Currently, in a list of Tmall pre-sale brand in the net, the brand of the endorsement of Xiao Wan is good. The Times Finance found that there is a fan special to make the “Double 11” discount information of Xiao Wan’s endorsement brand products to distribute and spread so that fans will be purchased according to Raiders.

In Tmall Mossen glasses, Sumiduchuan Coffee, Li Ning and is sony made in china other brand flagship stores, “Xiao Wan with the same paragraph” product commentary also became the “table white wall” of fans.

The belt capacity of Xiao Wan is indeed underestimated, according to the information of the mirror market information from the Tmall’s brand public page, as of October 27, the kitchen / cooking has a class of Shuangli people Single first; coffee / cereal / rose, new coffee brand 田 川 川 巢Located in the list; in sportswear / leisure clothing category, Li Ning sells the list of 219 million yuan.

Buy a single for “love beans”, Xiao Wan really can bring goods

“In addition to TOD’s and real, I bought it, I will buy it.” The fans of Xiao Wan Li Hua’s brand of their own “brother” is like a few, the two brands are a large number of endorsement brands. High, “Souns’s sunglasses have bought three pairs, and the small stove has never been broken. Estee Laudi bought six or seven bodies in the official store. Last year, I bought my most expensive shoes in Li Ning. Not wear. “


Regarding the chasing “golden gold”, the fans will occasionally call themselves “small leeks”, but they are more willing to emphasize this is a “two-way”. ” In this “bidirectional”, the fans’ combat effectiveness is really strong.

According to the official data of the empty, the Tmall flagship store has increased by 4858% year-on-year, and the company’s core store has sold more 600,000 yuan in the core shop, and the number of new will be 110,000.

The old chewing gum brand Yida is 124 times higher than the daily average daily average daily. Another new coffee brand Sumidaichi is also a total of 60 million sales in the full platform of official Xuan Daily.

Sport statistics in the lazy sports brand Li Ning, Li Ning this year, 1 month after the signing of the official, the Tmall flagship store Xiao Wan is more than 40 million yuan. There is an outsider when the Swiss luxury watch is really short-term.

But in this time “Double 11”, Li Hua slowed down for “brother” to buy the footsteps. “There are three or 40,000 yuan of golden gold, our fans have been holding the idea of ??golden gold, constantly investing, but he only enters the group twice two years, many people are very unhappy.”

The endorsement received the soft battle of the hand, and the “Yu Sheng,” Yu Sheng, please “starring this year,” Yu Zheng, please advise “, Li Hua also saw someone said:” There is no work to enjoy These bonuses will only make people pay more than money. “

Li Hua didn’t want his favorite star being “circle machine”, as a career powder of Xiao Wan, in this year, she will put forward some problems and suggestions under Xiaofei Studio Weibo, and also send mail Chang Wen gave the company to express his own ideas, but never waited for any response and changing.

In this process, it has been fell into a home in the process, and the photo of Xiao Ying, who is full of mobile phones, and she is somewhat lost, and also said that this year’s “Double 11” she chose to happen to consumption. Xiao Wan endorsement product. .

Fan crazy golden gold, speaking fare fry to tens of thousands

In fact, letting fan “golden” forward, not only the products of Xiao Wan, but also the drama tickets participating in Xiao Wan.

On October 28, the drama drama of Xiao Wan, “Dream Dream” Jiucheng Tour staged in Shenzhen Poly Theater, and the tickets for watching tickets were hard to find. On the idle fish platform, “Dream of Dream” tickets is a fire, the ticket price of the 1880-yuan ticket is also fried to tens of thousands of yuan.

“80 (yuan) has stirred up to 10,000.” Dove is also the fan of Xiao Wan. She has worked on the two days on the idle fish, and she didn’t wait for a purchase ticket. Poly Ticket official website shows that “Dream Dream” Shenzhen station is divided into ten gears, from 80 yuan to 1880 yuan, there is no hair fish seller to the Times Finance, purchase tickets for the 1680 yuan ticket on October 31, need to pay 35,000 yuan.

It is also the old powder of Xiao Ying, and Li Wei is about to go to the ticket but “fly”. In the first week of the show, Li Wei pays 1,000 yuan for a ticket platform. Extra 25,000 yuan.

Some people call this “dream of dreams” become “dreams of rich people.” In fact, because of the fans, some fans ignore the theater etiquette, as well as tickets, this dramatic dramatic dramatic dramatic dramatic dramatic in the tour is occasionally accused.

Brand product sales need to traffic is undoubted, do you need traffic?snp china In someone who did not want to be famous, in the Times Finance, she did not exclude, “Wide, these years, the star return drama stage is a trend, the producer and the star are actually win-win, the star is a drama work. Publicity points and news heat, expanded the marketing spread of the work, the fan effect can directly pull the ticket. “She believes that this is an opportunity to bring the small drama to the mass market. At the same time, she said that Xiao Wan participated in” such as Dream of Dreams “There are many industry professionals.

Can Xiao Wan bring more benefits to “Dream of Dreams”? The person said it is difficult to measure, “” Dream of Dreams “has always been in the way of star marketing, the plaque copyright is in the central Chinese audience, these two years have to come immediately, ordinary project ancient china beliefs and values revenue is the box office Sponsor minus costs, this cost includes venues and people, but “dreams of dreams” is not more complicated. “

But she also pointed out that “Dream of Dreams” is currently a large extent because of the role of Xiao Wan ‘s performances in performance, “This star team, drama producers are very sensible.” One choice, but this does not mean that all traffic is a good result. The cooperation between drama and traffic is not a homage key. “

In order to protect the privacy of respondents, the fans in the text are pseudonym.

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Han Xaughong: The only opening of the country without having to lose, this admiral, Chairman Mao’s broken

Everyone is blind, everyone is equal, the world is the public, it is the same.Kang Youwei

I remember that Ji Bron said such a sentence, “The corner of the hall, is not higher than that lowest cornerstone“, Simply two words, equality.

And we have read too much unequal from the book, which is a very important reason why people want to overthrow the old society.

However, even in today’s society, some countries still have a strong“Putting for expensive, there is a fear”The ethnic system, that is, India,There are five major ethnic groups in India, the most advanced race is “Brahman”,The people of this race have a lot of privileges. How big is the difference between India and the most advanced race with the lowest race?

Rationality system for more than 3,000 years

In 1500 BC, there was a group of Sakaan came to the Indian secondary continent, and they successfully ruled India. In order to consolidate their own rule, they established a very accurate ethnic system in class. Amazing is thatIn today’s three thousand years, India is still using this ethnic system..

In India’s ethnic system, a total of four ethnicity follows a special race, respectivelyBrahman, Bag Demide, Lie, Starring, Dalit,It is five major ethnic groups.

Let me talk about this fifth larger race that is listed as four major ethnic countries.

Dalt is a very special existence in India. They can only be counted in nominal, but they never be treated by them.They do the most dirty and most dangerous work in India,At the same time, their life and death are not concerned, they are generally not called Dalit in India.Another special name, “San Min”.

In the four major ethnic groups, the lowest level is Sward.Compared to Dalit people, they have no high position,Also engaged in the best work, usually the servants of others, but they are good, their existence is recognized, and it can be counted as a person.

The branies are a race that balanced.They are more like this, it iscivilianIt can be engaged in a variety of work, and the ability to be able to become rich in our own efforts, butTheir status is not high, they earn money to raise the highest level of two races.

Another is the brake, they are in India.noble. The brakes are generally important in military or politics, but they still have a very important task.Brahman.

Enjoy the highest race of countless privileges

Brahmen is the highest race of India. This race is very special. They generally do not work as a political or military position. They are generally monks or scholars. So what is the highest level of race?

Everyone is to know that India is a strong country with a religious belief. For them, the religious belief is higher than everything, and Brahmen is controlled by religion, and it can be said that they control the country.Whether it is to master the military power, Demide is still a humble, Dalt, who is like the ants, is subject to Brahmen.

Brahmen has countless privileges, three privileges are the most powerful.

The first privilege is,Brahman can pay taxes. Most of Brahmen is a monk, they are considered to be the messenger of the Gods, so they don’t pay taxes.

The second privilege is,Brahmen will not be punished. The above is said, Brahmen is the messenger of the Gods, so they have been wrong and will not be punished. Even if it is committed to murder, Brahmen does not need to bear any responsibility, they are higher than everything in India.

Of course, the most powerful or third privilege,They have the final explanation of religionright. In the eyes of Indians, they can talk to God, their words can also be said to be God’s will, this privilege is more horrible, don’t need too much explanation! It’s just a gold finger in the game!

How ternary system is terrible

china marsBrahman has little, probably only 5% of the total number of Indians,However, they have more than half of the Congress seats. In India, it is generally judged by the rope on the wrist.Brahmen’s people wear cotton rope, and the people of the brakes are marks, the people of the bran wear yarn, while the maintor of Dalori has a plastic rope or not.

When the Indian man is in the plane, if there is a Brahman in the plane, the ceremonies, the sky, the flight attendant is generally only serving these senior people, even if it is a low-class race, low equity People are also afraid to enjoy the service, even dare not eat.

xhamster chinaMarriage is also very exaggerated in India,The low-class race is a woman who is not allowed to marry the high ethnicity. The low-class ethnic woman is a man who can marry the high ethnicity, but they need to pay high-tree dowry..

Also, the low-class race wants to accept higher education is difficult. If there is a low-class race, a child has a better university, oftenWill be boycotted and exclusted by higher ethnicity, motorola china Even, some high races will refuse to class in a classroom.

Most importantly, in India,The race system is a hereditary system. This means that your parents are races, what are the races, your future generations are what races, even if you get rich, you have become rich, your top is still a brake Two mountains, two mountains, never pass overmoon.


I remember that I have seen a feeling of feelings, there is such a sentence, “Between the heavens and territories of the ax, it is unwilling to be a slave. This is what this nation is not awkward.

Since ancient times, some people shouted this “Wang Hou is a kind“, Trying to overthrow the class-class Dashan, although it has received the admiration of the descendants. In today, although it can’t be fully said, everyone is equal, after all, everyone still has a small gap, it is difficult to do it. Equality, but in the heart, no one will feel the low person.

Look at our lives, then look at the Indian environment, suddenly sigh, have a lot of honor to live in China in China!

We have also passed the level of the class, and we have also been protected from others. In this process, there will be some people who are generally desperate people in India, but at the same time, there are more, with sickle, with hoe , Use the pen, use the sound, use the eyes, use all the things that can be used, to break this, push away this door.

Just like I have been talking to people around, in the peaceful age, maybe Chinese people are full of countless shortcomings with bad factors, but when the disaster comes, you will look at this nation, the people of this country, from the bones The power, enough to row the mountain, reverse the Qiankun, as the sentence mentioned earlier, this is what this nation is not awkward.

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FIFA Official: The World Football Award will start voting on November 22nd, awarded January 17

hong kong special administrative region people’s republic of china

Live Bar October 8th, Beijing time, October 10, 8 o’clock, 8 o’clock in the World Preliminary Asian region, China will meet the weak Tuanjima at home. 4 years ago, Guam was defeated Turkmenistan with a 1-0 score in the Asian Cup qualifiers, and the India with more than 1 billion population was defeated with a score of 2-1. However, the current preliminaries, they lost to the Maldives and the Philippines before the game.

Before the game of China, Cilv, Guafei accepted an interview with the official website of Aflian. This old will say: “For us, China is a perfect match. Obviously, we long museum shanghai chinahave the result of the past two games Very disappointment. When we want to fight these two teams, we should get points. However, when they were in China, they might loudab and see that they may think that this game is just a furnish, because of the statistics Data is still unfavorable to us. “

“However, if the Chinese team thinks that we will easily defeat us to meet the game of the Philippines, then they may be lost in Jingzhou.”

“You can call it naive, but we really believe that you can achieve good results in the face of China. I have asked if I have pressure in front of the 50,000 fans, but we don’t have any pressure. Everyone They all think that we will lose, this is a quotes on indo china relations chance to be our young players. It is a chance to accumulate experience. In the face of the top team, this is the opportunity we grow as a team, we will See what you can do. As a team who wants to compete with the opponent, we need this. You always want to make your hands with the best team. “

“Four years ago, we have a lot of experienced players. At present, this team is insufficient. However, in terms of this team and Guam Football, we are walking china border news on a correct road.”

“After coming to Guangzhou, we have joked that people in the hotel and the training base may be more than those of our entire island. In the face of China’s opponents, we will see this game as David face songs Asian competition. We have overlinked a strong enemy, at least in terms of population and China, so why can’t we do it again? “

(Two blame)

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"The King of Express" Angon Logistics successfully used digital driving high-quality development in Hong Kong today

According to the Global Times, after 1 km from the Indian military emergency, the Indian Air Force still said to the border area to increase military aircraft to the border area, while the high-remedies were prepared.

This move in India showed the defects that attempted to compensate for insufficient traffic logistics capabilities behind the Sino-Indian conflict area. In contrast, the logistics traffic capacity behind China is better than India.

Withdrawal or just a steady

Russian media exposure: Indian overhaul road as aircraft runway

On July 7, the Indian Air Force’s An-32 transceiver and rice-17 helicopter slowly landed on the field airport in the Northern India, and only 120 km away from the border line. At the same time, the Indian Air Force is still in the face of MiG-29, Apaci and other military flight training near the League.

According to the report, the Indian Air Force also added night patrols, which was used to include MiG-29, Su-30mki, Apaci, support from the helicopter. The Indian Air Force Department said: Indian Air Force can adapt to various combat environments with the support of modern platforms, and the training level of the troops has also been improved.

According to India Temporary, the Indian Defense Minister Rigante Singh will launch multiple infrastructure projects in the key area of ??the Indian border area recently. On Tuesday, Singh hosted a high-level meeting to review the progress of various infrastructure projects under construction.

Subsequently, India’s Minister of Defense Singh made a text on social platform and made a strong praise of the Indian project engineering team. At the same time, they would like to accelerate the tasks of strategic roads, bridges, tunnels, etc. in Indian border areas.

The India’s Ministry of Defense also announced the foreign statement that the construction efficiency of the border road engineering team is still significantly growing. Compared to the same period last year, this organization has completed 30% of the full engineering section. Even in the absence of a restriction, they still don’t work in the horses, and there is no progress in each project due to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic.

It is obvious that India’s purpose of building a large number of roads in border areas is very direct, just in order to allow your own army to reach the border area at the fastest speed.

It seems that Moti agreed with the dismount of the military, it is likely to be slowly planned, and he still puts a controversial attitude, secretly deploying military power. And he chooses to do this, to a large extent, it is dedicated to the Indian people and the domestic opposition. If India dares to launch a war in the surrounding countries, they will definitely suffer serious losses. After all, 1962 India did not win, and now the strength is very disappeared, and Moti suffers from humiliation.

Limited transportation capacity on one side of India

The Ladaka region has no railway and highways

This conflict zone belongs to the Kashmir region of Kashmir under India.

The upper reaches of the Indian River flowing along the Garawan River, the southeast direction is 200 kilometers of India’s most important strategic hub in China and India, the capital city of Ladaka.

In the 17th century, the king of the Ladakh Dynasty, who was more convenient to trade, will be the capital of Ladakh in order to be more convenient.

Less City is 3505 meters above sea level, 30,000 population, and the main letter of residents. The river Valley in the Hindu river is running in the East, along the East, along the Indian river Valley, Los City Valley has always contacted Lhasa and Kashgar, Lhasa and Kashmir’s transfer station, especially the ancient kings in Ali, have many complex historical relations. It is still very close to Religion and culture with the northern part of Tibet.

In 1948, the Pakistani army attacked only 30 kilometers away from the Rally, and the battle was carried in the outer circumference of the column. In the final Pakistani army, the Pakistani army was expelled from Ladakh; in the hindu contact number 1949, Ladakhmard leads to China and Tibet. The border of Xinjiang and Tibet is fully closed. The trade terminates heavy hits the economy of the city.

In 1965, Indi-Pakistan, in 1971, especially in 1962, China-India War, leads to a large number of military facilities in the collar and the entire Ladaka, stationed in a large number of army. The arrival of a large number of soldiers has made the column of the city and promoted the construction of infrastructure.

what are today’s headlines

However, compared with the border of China and India, India’s traffic logistics capacity is limited. Currently, there is only a highway between Srinag, the central city of the city to Kashmir. There is no railway. There is also no railway connection between Srinagar and New Deli in the capital of India. Can only rely on aviation.

As the central hub in the central hub in the Indian today ka news Kashmir, there is only the railway transportation can only rely on Airlines.

The Chinese side behind the Garaan Valley is very different. The nearest Xinjiang, Xinjiang, Xinjiang, Holle Valley, is not only the intersection of China 219 National Road and 315 National Highway. At the same time, it is also a node city of China’s Nanjiang Railway.

Not only can Nanjiang Railway, G30 Lianhuo Expressway South Xinjiang Branch and 315 Highway and North Bank and the entire China, the northern China and the southern Kashgar, Hetian have civil aviation airport. In addition, the entire southern Xinjiang area, there are Sabs, Tumock, and civil aviation airports such as Aksu, Kuqi and Korla. Xinjiang Kashgar has become a region where Xinjiang has the largest number of airports.

Located on the Pamir Plateau, Taishkul, Pamir Airport, one of the highest airports in the world, is just completed.

With three-dimensional transportation capabilities such as railways, roads and airways, as the most important node hub city in the rear of China-Stangxi dispute, Hetian, Kashgar, Xinjiang, in recent years, has continued to strengthen the capacity.

At present, Hetian-Kashgar-Urumqi set a total of 54 cars, which can be delivered along the road and Tian, ??Kashgar, Aksu, and Korla, to help the southern Xinjiang to win the poverty battle, and open the logistics channel of Nanjiang enterprises. Change the restrictions on the weather and cost of automotive transportation in the past, South China.

The Hetian-Kashgar-Kash-Urumqi set the freight room, but also to implement the national “all way” initiatives to support the important initiatives of South Xinjiang foreign trade export enterprises. For the importance of important nodes in the core area of ??Kashi Silk Road, the city and the China-Pakistan economic corridor starting point, the “all the way” and other “all the way”, which helps to take off the poverty, and achieve social stability and long-term goal. significance.

China-India traffic logistics ability comparison

Indian ambitions want to collect railway to Ladakh

In order to make up for the deficiencies of the northwest border their own traffic logistics, the Indian government is accelerating approval, in the front line of Ladakh, Kashmir, refines the railway plan. These projects include railway orbital regeneration, repair and reinforcement of old bridges, and double extended extension of the railway line and the update of electrical equipment.

In fact, some projects in the Indian Railway have been waiting for years, while the railways in India still have a large number of unfinished projects. All shortcomings constructed the bottleneck of the railway, and now the Indian government plan to solve this bottleneck to a large extent. The Indian government believes that during the war, the railway will be the most reliable equipment of the Indian army urgently mobilized. India believes that if the railway is built to the Ladaka region, 10 armored divisions in India can be hit on the Ladaka area 48 hours.

In fact, India is more than China’s backwardness, not only reflected in the Kashmir conflict in the northwest border, but also in terms of traffic logistics and road network construction in the whole country, India It is also necessary to build a safe and maintained road network to ensure exchange between the country’s regions.

Digital comparison is very explained, in China, through road transportation, walking between Beijing and Shanghai is just 12 and a half hours; while India is driving 1400 kilometers in the same way, from the capital New Delhi to the country The central Mumbai needs to spend 23 hours.

(Author: Chain Media Ruiping)

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Xiaonan Morning Post | Li Jiaqi responded to high school education; Tencent said "Not officially launched PC version QQ show"; the first "bankrupt" in Shenzhen

In the face of the epidemic, there is no country to lie down.

Wen | Shan Hao Edit | Seven Green

Since I arrived in India on February 1, I witnessed that India was static from the years to the epidemic situation. The number of new diagnosed people a day from several dozens of days.

As of late March 24, India diagnosed 519 cases

February: Years are quiet

I am in the entry of India on February 1. This trip is to participate in today world news in tamil the yoga class in order to participate in a month. To tell the truth, there are some worries before departure. I am afraid that no one accepts me, I am afraid that other students hide me.

After the plane, everyone should fill in a quarantine report, the form is piled up on a table, I will take a form in the chaos, and sign a word, it is more like a kind of cis. At the time of the customs, the population is divided into two columns, one is another foreigner, one is Chinese. The whole process did not encounter trouble, I will enter the country smoothly. From Delhi to Bangalore, I don’t have anyone to wear a mask. I have to take it all the way. In the middle, I arrived in Bangalore, then took the bus and transferred the muddy to the city of Northern India’s today current news in english most prestigious Mysore’s yoga town.

The next thing is going to make up my expectations. I haven’t asked the landlord I have from. I didn’t ask. The teacher’s classmates are very enthusiastic. The teacher hugs me. Someone asks me, you are not only When I arrived, I was panicked, and I have already arrived, but I didn’t come here. In fact, she doesn’t see me in the opening ceremony.

Myster town of Myster.aaj aaj tak

Walking on the street, can’t see the people wearing a mask, and no one will discriminate against me because of my East Asian face, only one tailor store boss smiled and asked me, you from China? Why don’t you wear a mask? Then haha ??laughed.

They are very calm, because they have heard that this virus is coming from the seafood market in Wuhan, and 20% -40% of their Indians are vegetarian, and the types of meat are extremely limited, so they are confident The disease is not paid to them, and there is no attention.

At that time, the epidemic was anxious in China, and the town I had not realized air asia help chat that the danger of the virus, life is very calm, my nervous mood is also relieved. But the first thing I can’t go to the pharmacy to buy a mask, the boss is embraced a bag of N95, just like holding a pile of odd treasures, saying that most of the masks are sent to Wuhan, only left These. At that time, N95 had risen to 17 yuan, and finally I only bought some medical masks, as long as 6 cents one.

March: The dark flow under the calm look

This calm situation continued until March 4th, 15 people in the Italian tour group in Rajasthan were detected by new crown virus positive, and this matter brought the panic from top to bottom. The N95 in the epaper indian punch pharmacy has been completely After breaking goods, ordinary masks have risen from 6 cents to two dollars, and there is very little quantity. I can only have several bottles of medical disinfectant.

Northern Indian government has not waited for the Indian government to completely lock the country, which has taken the initiative to close all the inn, said to tourists, this year we don’t make money, earn you next year. The people on the street have avoided foreigners, and the innocent thinks will not be sick as long as they don’t touch foreigners.

Every morning, I will go to the yoga respiratory class, and I originally have 4 students. After a few days, one of the male students left. The cause is a bit low blood pressure, headache dizziness, and then consult this problem in class, and that male classmate listened from other students, the Chinese girl in the class was sick, and scared to leave the school.

He went home for a few days, his parents began to cough and fever. Soon, their family went to the hospital to do new crown test. He thought that I was infected with him, and then gave him the whole family, he put the whole thing Social networking, and warning everyone should not go to class. But today I get news, I am shocked, the result of the whole test is negative.

I also thought that I had a fever and went to the hospital to buy a drug. When the pharmacist saw me, the face was panicked and asked: “Which country are you from?” I said that I have been here for more than a month. He put it down to give me a medicine. . Later, I learned that my body’s discomfort is due to sudden vegetarian, leading to lack of protein. In this vegetarian town, I can supplement the protein to buy eggs. But this time, eggs have some shortage.

Fengcheng: Worried about the future spread, it is not optimistic

On March 9th, a Bollywood singer has never been isolated from London, and many places in China have participated in activities, eventually diagnosed, social networking websites. Since March 19th, India’s new crown virus diagnosis has increased significantly, and Indian experts say that the future condition may grow in ten times, and cannot fall light.

According to their own national conditions, the Indian government has introduced the corresponding measures to fight the epidemic, and some areas will adjust their own conditions. In general, the whole country is now more important.

The Indian policeman played the hand-washing photo on TV or on the big screen of the street, but also self-war dance.

Video of the “Wash Dance” of the Kerala Police Department. Six police officers have masks, and the music rhythm shows the correct handwashing.

The government called a text message to inform new crown viruses, and protective measures.

The public toilet is cleaned every three hours.

Improve train ticket fare, indirectly reduce the number of travel, the train station distributes new crown viruses.

All gathering activities have been prohibited, and the police arrested a call for 100 people to do Mass.

Temporarily stopped from March 31, all international flights, long-distance trains were canceled, there were two friends to buy tickets back to China, one of them did not have a row, and there was a three times to cancel, I have to wait until April.

Maharash Shitebite, the most confirmed, is the region where Mumbai is located, and the government has made a clear isolation date imprint in the hands of all new crown patients who need home isolation and under treatment.

The people who are isolated and treated will cover the seal on the back of the hand.

The Xincheng Group in India announced on Monday that in the past two weeks, they have built one hundred beds in the group name, and the hospital has become the first hospital specially used in the hospital for accepting new crown viruses. In addition, the Xincheng Group also built a facility fully equipped with a mechanism that isolates overseas returns or suspected cases.

However, the diagnosed data is climbed, bringing serious panic, and Delhi has a residential building because of the Indian people who live like East Asian face, once they are siege. A foreign friend went to Bangalore to return to our town, and her landlord told her to move away within five days. Originally on March 22nd, only one day is only a day, and later become 548 cities blockade, 3 regions comprehensive curfew (Delhi, Maharashtra, Hariana).

The streets of Sunday afternoon, I applauded the medical staff in the afternoon, and the drums were prayed quickly.

On the 23rd, I saw that everyone went back to the road to seeing the bag in a hurry, only knowing that the city I was also sealed, all shops along the street closed, waiting for me to come to the market, vegetables and fruits are grabbing The egg is even more. There is a shop crowd to gather too much, the boss has only closed the door, goes out one more, wait for the people outside, one of them, keeps his head, keeping a distance. The police car came back and forth in the street and called on all the people to go home quickly. No one is robbing, and the supply is sufficient.

When I mentioned the food of the big bag, I was sitting at the door, and I shaken the Pu Fan, smiled and said. Say, we are your family in India. “I thought it would be demanding, I want to sneak into the room, who knows this” sweet words “is too sudden, almost crying on the spot.

Myster Street on March 24.

In the morning of the 24th, the usual hot street suddenly quietly quiet, I am a little uncomfortable, praying all the countries and nations that are struggling in the epidemic, can walk out of this disaster.

Source | Southern Weekly


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Hebei Xinji Note added 3 cases of confirmed cases, and patients were the same village residents.

Reporter | Chen DingruiEdit | Shi Yizhen1

At the end of the year, Beijing’s worker stadium surrounded, lively and embarrassed, and entered the night mode. At the end of the season, the football holiday, the light wine became the only theme here.

On December 1, on December 1, in the cold wind in Beijing, Zhonghe Guoan defeated Shandong Luneng in the first time of the team history, and made the “strongest runner” in the history of the top-level league of Chinese football. .

51,708 people watching, not only created the highest raft of the overtime warfare, but also locked this year’s Yulinjun’s home, with only 4,5519 people’s Tianhe Sports Center.

This has been in the past ten years, and the Yulinjun has set foot on the grass skin of the body in December, and the regret of the championship is intertwined with the release of victory.

It is also the end of this season, with 1314 Guoan fans, with an immersive way to meet all the records of 19 home this season, the so-called stormless persistence, it is true.

However, when more than 4 months, the superchard and the AFC will have thousands of Yulinjun, need to temporarily forget the neighborhood and Sunday afternoon at the east forty, Sanlitun and the North Gate of the Sanlitun and the body.

Their next stronghold may be an Olympic Center, or a long-lost Fengtai Sports Center.

Since 2016 Forms France, Since the Beijing Guoan Club, the Chairman Zhou Jinhui and the Zhongzh Group have triggered a variety of associations and guess. Especially the topic of the home court, it is more three five times – professional football field, or renovated the body.

Construction of the Workers’ Stadium in 1959 attributable to the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions, self-contained in the fiscal, currently managed and managed by the Beijing Workers Sports Service Center.

Since Beijing Zhonghe Guoan is not the owner of this stadium, any topic related to renovation and transformation cannot be just a club’s wish.

Two years ago, at the 25th anniversary of the Yulin Jian team, there was an authoritative media revealed that the worker stadium is initiating the home reconstruction plan. Once approved, Beijing will usher in a more professional new course in the next few years.

Other modifications, also include canceling the original competition runway in the stadium, increase the capacity of the audience stand and the audience hall, and the upgrade to the VIP.

Subsequently, including Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao and Shanghai’s professional stadium plan, it has also become the focus of public opinion.

After all, it is not a professional Chinese football in China. It is a scarce resource like a football population.

In the past few months, the rumors of Beijing Zhonghe Guoan will have never intermittently in the long-term workers’ stadium next year, and as soon as they have neither rumors, they have not confirmed. In the evening of the show, Li Ming, general manager of Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Club, has not responded to this matter.

Pan Par of Pan Pets in the season, I wrote in the season: “50,000 fans ignored the cold wind, still coming to the body of the team, and accompanied us for more than 20 years. Say goodbye … Accompany the 2019 season, I am very satisfied, Guoan is goodbye, the body, goodbye. “

According to the news news, the renovation plan of the Workers’ Stadium has been in discussing – the new home next season has not contained. Since the Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Club is only a player’s user, there is no practical decision, which means that any program is released, and it has to pass all aspects and recognized.

Some sources revealed that this is a depth game involving many parties, from Zhonghe Guoan, Beijing Federation of Trade Unions, Sports Bureau, and even the merchants around the body, will stand in their positions and make recommendations.

Small refurbishment is not large, and the vision of the transformation is a professional stadium, and the restaurants, nightclubs and gym have a huge impact on the surroundings of the industry. For the entire commercial area, it is a “downtime renovation” of the bones.

When you come to the end of the year, many questions are still google latest news please unresolved – a year refurbished? Still three years of transformation?

The upgrade plan of the Workers’ Stadium, has already ran with time.

Due to the construction period, the reasons of the workers’ stadium will be inevitable.

Since 1959, it has experienced two upgrades since 1959: once before the 1990 Asian Games, the other is the preparation cycle of the Beijing Olympics. In addition, small projects such as replacement of turf, repair seating and adding viewing, are also completed in the middle and superhand.

last news of the world paper for sale

From 2006 to 2008, in the process of secondary transformation of the industry, Beijing Guoan once relied to the Toyota Sports Center and spent three seasons. Until 2009, they returned to the familiar body and won the only Super Championship so far.

It is true that it is aajtak samachar in hindi different from the workers’ stadium located in the eastern part of Beijing, located in the core business district, the potential home selection of Yulinjun, the center of China and the Fengtai Sports Center are all in the north and west side of the more living attributes, such as the surroundings around the game. Eat and drink “Irradiation”, it is difficult to copy.

Not only that, in terms of the coupon capacity, the Olympic Sports Center and Fengtai Sports Center can only reach five to 60% of the workers’ stadium.

It is foreseeable that in the next few years, from tickets, goods to souvenirs, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan’s income data will be affected.

For many years, because of various labels such as “unbeaten”, “the last Siheyuan”, Beijing Guoan and Workers’ Stadium’s watermast has long been deeply rooted. The two can even be equal.

However, for the management of the Beijing Federation of Federations, the Royal Tree of the Ten Council of the Stadium, in fact, there is no difference with Jay Chou, Eason Chan and Wang Lihong – the cost of more than one million yuan per game is the prerequisite for them to enter this site.

Due to its entire market operation, the Workers’ Stadium has been to seek more financial revenue in addition to the football competition.

Beijing Guoan is not the so-called unique. From a $ 10,000 yuan of rent a day, from a central site project of 20,000 yuan, it is an important part of the five-person or cage venue for the public.

Such business models are also applicable to the vast rackets of China Superbeds – all stadiums need to maximize their interests, only the exception is Henan Jianye and Tianjin TEDA. .

Games, concerts, exhibition performances … These are rare activities and scenarios in the home of foreign clubs, are all “homesome meals” in the superior club.

It is in the pursuit of “seeing the needle”, China’s football is frequently “The Concert Audience Stepping on the Turmourd Leather Sediment” News: Soda Green and Shanghai Shenhua, Zhang Jie and Chongqing Sway, Zhang Xueyou and Guizhou Hengfeng, Zhou Chou and Shandong Luneng, Luhan and Beijing Guoan, such a cross-border partner has seen the news, which triggered a hot discussion.

Regardless of domestic and foreign football, expansion or new stadium, the example is true: Arsenal and Tottenm hot thorn from Northern London, in the past 12 years, even in the back of the heavy financial burden I don’t hesitate.

As for Liverpool’s expansion stand, and the renovation plan of Chelsea’s life is also closely related to the income of the competition day.

According to the 2018 “Foot Examination List” announced by Deloitte Accounting, the ninth Arsenal is ranked 389.1 billion pounds in the 2017-18 season. Among them, there is a day income including ticket branches, reaching 98.9 million pounds, occupying 25% of total revenue. This amount is much higher than that of Liverpool, Chelsea and the pike.

Although planning, negotiations and construction of a new court, it is often necessary to spend five years or longer, but because of the right to decide with the stadium, most of the British colleges will take the initiative to follow the trend of the times.

In contrast, the Chinese club’s paper is talking to the troops, which seems to be limited to the wide range of giants in Northern Northern, and because the involvement is too complicated, the “three years later” play code is often seen.

Guangzhou Evergrande Club has announced a detailed financial report in 2015: The club is divided into five aspects: tickets (55.24%), advertising (33.29%), commodity sales (5.32%), game premium ( 4.74%) or bonuses and privileged use fees (1.41%).

That year, Guangzhou Evergrande ticket total revenue was 210.2 million yuan (about 210 million), an increase of 155.697 million yuan (about 160 million) compared to 2014.

However, because you can’t enjoy the management of Tianhe Sports Center, Guangzhou Evergrande In the tickets and the day income must also deduct the corresponding expenditure cost.

Half a month ago, the Guangzhou Municipal Planning Committee meeting considered the controlled detailed planning of the surrounding area around Guangzhou South Railway Station.

According to the plan, there is a total of 16 hectares of super large professional football fields around Guangzhou South Railway Station, which has completed land storage. It is reported that it is likely to be a new home station in the Guangzhou Evergrande Club.

In contrast, the big progress in the construction of a professional stadium is currently a 2018 season, the Super Championship – Shanghai Harbor.

In April last year, I expected 33,765 viewers to break the ground, named this venue in Pudong Football Plank, with a total construction area of ??135,511 square meters, will be the first strict accordance with the International Football Standard design. Senior professional football field.

According to Tencent Sports Report: “Pudong Football Plan is scheduled to be tried in the late 2020, and is officially put into use since the 2021 season. In addition to all facilities, including the professional football field, including the club office, the football museum and the electricity club, etc. It is all available. “

The fans in Shanghai in Shanghai are lucky, while Beijing Zhonghe Guo’an and Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao fans will continue to wait.

Report / feedback

Guizhou introduced opinions strengthening township (street) discipline inspection and supervision organization

The National Development and Reform Committee today’s news headlines in indian express WeChat No. February 22, in order to implement the decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on football reform and development, strengthen social football field operation management, recently, the State Sports General Administration, the National Development and Reform Commission issued “About” Strengthen the guidance of social football venues on the opening and operation management times of india news feed (hereinafter referred to as “Guidance”). “Guidance Opinions” proposed that by 2025, the social football venue was fully open, and the initial formation system is complete, the power is clear, the main body is multi-diverse, and the efficient social football field can use the long-acting operation management mechanism.  ”Guidance” requires social football field guarantee to ensure open time. Entrusted all localities to build a social football venue, due to the game, extensively carry out football event activities, emphasize that social football venues are prioritized to carry out football activities, which are strictly prohibited to change government investment and enjoy government subsidies. Social football venue Function.  ”Guidance Opinions” points out 10 laws you break everyday to scientifically manage social football fields, establish and improve management systems, strengthen daily management. Encourage construction information data service platform, use a smart management system to encourage social forces to undertake the operation management of government investment social football venues. It is required to carry out performance evaluation of social football fields and establish a reward and punishment mechanism.  ”Guidance Opinions” emphasizes to improve the supporting facilities of social football fields, improve operational benefits, encourage multi-use, support extension of football industry chain, and supports the school youths, teaching, doordarshan gov in training services, and promote the integration of physical education.   ”Guidance Opinions” also demanded that the subject’s responsibility is required to strengthen the guidance and supervision and management of the operation management of social football venues, and the social football venue is operated, and the maintenance fund is included in the budget management, increase financial support to ensure social football venue facilities. The equipment is operating normally and continuous service.

Notice of the Office of the People’s Government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Printing and Distributing the Development Plan for Sports Development in the Autonomous Region

Notice of the Office of the People’s Government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Printing and Distributing india new in hindi today the Development Plan for Sports Development in the Autonomous Region

Interior Office [2021] No. 67

Alliance Administrative Office, Municipal People’s Government, Board of Autonomous Region, Office, Office, Bureau, major enterprises, institutions:

The people’s government of the autonomous region agreed that the “Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region” 14th Five-Year Plan “” Sports Development Plan “is now issued to you, please combine the actual situation and conscientiously implement it.

October 27, 2021

(This is public release)

“14th Five-Year” Sports Development Plan for Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region


Chapter 1 Planning Background

The first section “13th Five-Year news fast tamil Plan” Sports Development Achievements

The second section of the “14th Five-Year Plan” Sports Development Faces and Issues

Section III “145” period sports cause development opportunities

Chapter 2 Overall Strategy

First section guiding ideology

The second section of the basic principle

Section 3 Development Goals

Chapter 3 Key Tasks

The first section promotes national fitness life, laying the foundation for building health inner Mongolia

The second quarter of innovative competitive sports development model, enhances the glory of the country, and compete for the autonomous region

Honor’s comprehensive strength

In the third quarter, we have deeply deepen the integration of physical education and promote the healthy development of adolescents.

The fourth quarter improves the quality of sports industry, and has high quality of economic and social in Inner Mongolia.

New motivation

The fifth section promotes the popularization of county football promotion, accelerating the innovation of institutional mechanisms

The sixth section promotes the prosperity and development of sports culture, and helps civilized Inner Mongolia construction

Seventh section deepens sports exchange cooperation, talking in Inner Mongolia Story

Chapter IV Protection Measures

The first section strengthens the organization leadership, pay attention to the department

The second section is fully deepening the reform, innovation development model

In the third quarter, play the system advantage and strengthen the maintenance of elements

The fourth quarter promotes standardized information construction, strengthen supervision evaluation

The “14th Five-Year Plan” period is the first five years of my country’s opening of the new journey of building a socialist modernization, and the first five years of the second hundred years of struggle, it is a comprehensive implementation of national fitness national strategies and sports strong country construction. It is also the key period of high-quality development-oriented high-quality development-oriented high-quality development-oriented high-quality development with ecological priority, green development. In order to coordinate the work of sports development and reform in the “14th Five-Year Plan”, according to “Health China 2030” Planning Outline “” Sports Sports Construction Outline “” National Fitness Program (2021-2025) “” National Economics and Society in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region ” The fourteenth five-year planning and 2035 long-term view target Outline and the State Sports General Administration “” 14th Five-Year “Sports Development Plan”, combined with the actual autonomous region, developed this Plan.

Chapter 1 Planning Background

The first section “13th Five-Year Plan” Sports Development Achievements

During the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, under the strong leadership of the party committee and the government of the autonomous region, the sports line of the whole district continued to improve the national fitness public service system, and strive to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of competitive sports, vigorously carry out adolescent sports activities, and accelerate the development of sports industry and steady. Promote the development of football reform, focus on strengthening sports culture, sports rule of law, and actively carrying out sports exchanges, making a positive contribution to the brightness of the motherland North Xinjiang, and laid a solid foundation for comprehensive promotion of health inner and sports strong area.

1. The national fitness public service system is constantly improving. The development of mass sports organizations, the Sports Club achieved full coverage of Qixian (city, district), 2839 sports society above the area, in the region, preliminary formation “Sports Association + Single Sports Association + People Group Sports Association” National fitness organization network. The registered social sports instructor reached 53,000, basically realized the community, and all coverage of the Qiao Village fitness site. All public sports facilities have all achieved free or low charges to society. The inheritance and development of traditional sports projects has been strongly guaranteed, and at the 11th National Minority Traditional Sports Council, the total number of first prizes and total number of medals is double. Taking the Take the 14th National Winter Games as an opportunity, vigorously develop ice and snow sports, the masses of winter sports projects and social influence are expanding.

2. The comprehensive strength of competitive sports is steadily improved. The competitive level of multiple sports projects achieves breakthroughs. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Inner Mongolia athletes won 1 bronze medal for the motherland, created the best results of participating in the Olympics outside the autonomous region. At the 13th National Games, the 13th National Games in 2017, the number of participating projects, the number, and the achievements were high. At the 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympics, Inner Mongolia athletes received a silver medal, achieving breakthroughs in the autonomous region to participate in the Winter Olympics.

3. Adolescents’ sports initial results. Built into seven national high-level reserve talent bases, 68 autonomous regional competitive sports high-level reserve talent bases; 360 national and autonomous region-level adolescent sports clubs, 39 outdoor activities; 179 Naming Youth Sports Traditional Projects 79, teenagers Basketball Volleyball Sports Project Characteristic 980, realized all-in-one hosted counties (cities, districts) Youth Amateur Training Organization. Youth Sports Reserve Talents Emorators are more perfect, and 53,456 registered youth athletes. The system of young people’s sports events is being formed, and the number of adolescents has accumulated more than 1 million. At the 2nd National Youth Games in 2019, the spiritual civilization and sports achievements were achieved.

4. Sports industry benefits are gradually appearing. The prosperity of sports competition is prosperous, and the visibility and influence of large-scale brand events represented by off-road e-family Alashan Heroes, Inner Mongolia International Equestrian festivals, winter Nadu are continuously expanded. At the end of 2018, the number of sports industry units and industrial events in the whole region reached 3108 units. Individual business operators reached 9,072, and the total size of sports industry reached 31.9 billion yuan. The added value reached 14.5 billion yuan, and the added value of 14.5 billion yuan, the added value of the sports industry accounted for the total production value of Inner Mongolia The specific gravity reached 0.9%. The total sales of sports lottery sales 26.725 billion yuan, raising public welfare funds 6.892 billion yuan.

5. The development of football reform continues to deepen. Organize leadership system, policy guarantee system, talent cultivation system, and competition system further improve. The reform of the Football Association is progressing smoothly, and the development of social football has developed rapidly, and 11,199 level coaches, 4,618 level referees, and 16,635 registered football athletes. Create 113 Autonomous Region-level Youth Football Club, with average football competition, reaching a total of 340,000 people. Building 775 social football venues, exceeding the “13th Five-Year Plan” social football site construction task.

6. Sports soft strength has made great progress. The first national digital TV channel for promoting football reform and development in my country – “Football Channel”. Compilation published the first “Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region”. The Inner Mongolia Sports Museum was built. Halcited the 2017 China Sports Culture and Sports Tourism Expo. Created a batch of sports literary works. The editor was published in Inner Mongolia Sports Culture Series. The autonomous region has introduced more than 10 policy documents such as the “Office of the People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Accelerating the Implementation of Fitness Leisure Industries”, which are more optimized according to law. Sports exchange mechanism is more perfect, 2018 team represents the country to visit Kyrgyzstan to participate in the 3rd World Nomad National Games to help national diplomatic strategies.

The second section of the “14th Five-Year Plan” Sports Development Faces and Issues

The problem of unbalance in sports development is still outstanding. Sports facilities still have a reality, poor management, not suitable, unwind, etc. There is a gap, and the development of football in the county is not balanced. The core competitiveness of competitive sports is not strong enough, the development mode is more exciting, and the talent retainer is urgently needed, and the traditional advantage project is not necessary to carry forward, the overall layout, structure, and characteristics are not reasonable. The overall structure of the sports industry is not reasonable enough, the size of the size is not enough, and the economic economy has not been included in the statistical scope, and the sports consumption market is still tapping, still in the starting climbing phase. Sports culture systematic, synergistic mechanism has not yet formed, regional characteristics are not obvious, sports exchange cooperation in assisting countries, autonomous regions, to be strengthened.

Section III “145” period sports cause development opportunities

Sports is an important way to improve the people’s health level. Party and states have implemented sports as a comprehensive reform, promoting the important content of economic and social development, and the healthy China and national fitness have increased to national strategies, and the emphasis on sports work is unprecedented. The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th National Session of the Party will build a sports strong country into a 2035-year-old tourism, giving a new mission and new challenge of sports. During the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the Inner Mongolia area accelerated the “two bases” “two barriers” and “a bridgehead” construction, sports and economic development, culture and prosperity, ecological civilization and happiness of all ethnic people will be more Active and comprehensive interaction, sports culture with regional characteristics in the consciousness of the Chinese nation, helping the state will have greater influence in the country’s foreign friendship, and the development prospects are broad.

Chapter 2 Overall Strategy

First section guiding ideology

Hold the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, with the guidance of China’s characteristic socialist thinking, comprehensively implement the important discourse of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on sports work and the important instructions for the important instructions of Inner Mongolia, fully implement the Party Central Committee, State Council on Construction Sports The strategic deployment of strong countries, firmly establishing the people’s satisfaction, opening sharing, integration development concept, always puts meet the needs of people’s fitness, promoting people’s comprehensive development as the starting point and the foothold of sports work, give full play to the location advantage, actively use natural resources, build more High-level national fitness public service system, comprehensively promote all aspects of mass sports, competitive sports, adolescent sports, sports industry, sports culture, etc. Building a sports strong country, building a new contribution of Inner Mongolia Sports in North China.

The second section of the basic principle

Adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership. Adhere to and improve the system mechanism of the party leadership sports, continuously improve the implementation of the new development concept, build the ability and level of the new development pattern, in order to provide political guarantees for the high-quality development and sports strong area construction in Inner Mongolia sports industry, to provide political guarantees for the economic and social development of the autonomous region Sports contribution.

– Adhere to the people as the people. Adhere to the people’s first, focus on “developing sports, enhance people’s physical fitness”, implement national fitness national strategy, continuously improve the people’s health, build sports cause into a happy career of the people.

Adhere to the new development concept. Take the new development concept throughout the whole process of sports and various fields, build a new development of sports, effectively transform the development mode, accelerate government functions, innovation management and service methods, and promote higher quality, more efficient, and more fair, More sustainable, safer development.

Adhere to Deepen Reform. From Inner Mongolia, strengthen the construction of sports governance system and governance ability, improve sports resource allocation efficiency, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of social forces to participate in sports development. Adhere to the promotion of the body, promote the comprehensive development of sports in sports.

Section 3 Development Goals

By 2025, the development of sports in the autonomous region has reached the secondary level of the country. The people who participated in sports in sports were significantly improved, and the core competitiveness of sports, and the social influence was significantly increased.

1. The national fitness public service system is more perfect. The people’s physical fitness is more convenient, and the fitness enthusiasm is further improved. The number of participation in the national fitness activities continues to improve, and the ratio of the number of physical exercise has reached 38.5%, and 2.5 social sports instructor, the per capita sports field is 2.6 square meters, national Physical monitoring qualification rate reached 90%.

2. The influence of competitive sports is significantly increased. Play the national strength, based on the regional characteristics, scientific layout projects, build a modern composite training team, and form talents. Sports competition management system is more perfect. Competitive sports is more highlighted by demonstration leading to promoting national fitness.

3. Adolescents are stronger. Basic build “three major systems” (Youth Health Promotion System, Adolescent Sports Training System, Youth Sports Competition System) Sports Social Organizations Cultivate the Pattern of Adolescent Sports Reserve Talents, and the physical health level of adolescents is significantly improved.

4. The high quality development of sports industry has achieved significant achievements. Deepen the integration of physical education, promoting the fusion of the body, the promotion of the fusion mechanism, the market main activity is significantly improved, the market supervision and service system is more perfect, and the important driving force for promoting the economic and social development of Inner Mongolia is fully reflected. The added value of sports industry accounts for about 1.4%.

5. Promote the popularization of county football promotion. Improve the football talent training system, vigorously develop the masses of football. Football infrastructure is more perfect, social football, foreign exchange, football industry, and football cultural atmosphere have obvious progress, initially forming an inner Mongolia characteristics, replica, can be used for football development model.

6. The “soft strength” of sports is further improved. Sports in improving the quality and health level of the people, promoting people’s comprehensive development, enriching the people’s spiritual cultural life, motivate people to promote the pursuit of excellence, breakthrough spirit; in promoting economic and social development, showing inner Mongolia culture soft strength The comprehensive value and function of the cultivated part of the Chinese nation are more demonstrated. Excellent traditional sports culture with regional features is more prosperous, and the communication methods are more diverse. The level of sports rule of law is further improved, and the foreign exchange work mechanism of sports is more sound, forming a new pattern of sports exchanges that have adapted to the status of important bridgehead in Northern Mongolia.

Chapter 3 Key Tasks

The first section promotes national fitness life, laying the foundation for building health inner Mongolia

1. Construct a higher level of national fitness public service system. Further improve the leadership, government leadership, social collaboration, public participation, and rule of law guarantee the national fitness work mechanism. Focus on the convenience of the people, the sports fitness organization around the people, build the sports and fitness facilities around the people, enrich the sports fitness activities around the people, support the sports fitness event around the people, strengthen the sports fitness guidance around the people, and promote the masses Sports fitness culture around him protects the safety of sports events around the masses. Implement the relevant policies of the construction of the national fitness public service system, promote the standardization of public sports services, and incorporate basic public sports service guarantee funds into the budget. Continue to carry out national fitness model flag counties (city, district) creation work, improve the selection indicator system and selection method. According to the level of economic development, the size of the population, the stock resource, etc., protect the basic sports rights and interests of women and children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities, and promote the coordination and coordination of public sports resources and services.

2. Coordinate construction of national fitness venue facilities. Implement the General Office of the State Council, “Opinions on Strengthening the Sports of National Fitness Site Facilities”, promoting all departments to jointly increase public sports facilities construction, and continue to enhance the level of public sports facilities. Carry out the status quo of fitness facilities, formulate fitness facilities to make a five-year action plan, implement national fitness public facilities to make short board projects, priority planning and construction of sports parks, convenient sports parks, national fitness center (small sports complex) Construction of projects such as public stadium, social football field, fitness trail, outdoor sports public service facilities, promote the realization of Qixian (City, District), Suhu Township (Sub-district Office), Administrative Village (Community) Level 3 public fitness facilities and The “15-minute fitness circle” in the urban community is full coverage.

Support for public sports venues to open free or low fees for the community, and promote small-scale sports venues into free low-fee open subsidies. Accelerate the information construction of public sports venues, implement the standardization standards of information construction, strengthen the assessment supervision of open use of public sports venues, improve the level of public sports venues, and improve open service level. Mining the school, enterprises and institutional sports space facilities, encourage social forces to undertake the operation management of public sports venues, better meet the individualization and multi – level needs of the masses on public sports services.

3. Widespread national fitness activities. Improve the national fitness activities. Building a wide range of coverage, clarity, easy to participate, expand the breadth and depth of national fitness activities. Organize the community sports meeting, “National Fitness Day” series, implement the “300 million people to participate in the ice and snow movement” call, carry out the masses of the people, “three big balls”, and a colorful event event. Take advantage of the Internet and new media platforms, explore all kinds of fitness activities in the organized online and offline. Actively carry out traditional sports events. Continue to implement a “one-character brand, one-character one-character” mass brand event creation activities.

4. Optimize the national fitness organization network system. Strengthen the construction of sports conference at all levels, all kinds of social sports organizations at all levels, improve supervision, service, and support policy measures. Encourage people from all walks of life and people to establish sports social organizations in fitness projects and venues to include flexible and effective ways, and actively promote the construction of sports social organizations in urban and rural communities and Quecha Village. , Energetic national fitness organization network system. Actively create a good sports social organization development environment and atmosphere, improve sports social organization access, quit and evaluate incentive mechanisms, and increase the government to the sports social organization to purchase national fitness public services, and give full play to sports social organizations in national fitness services. Important role.

5. Improve the level of scientific fitness. Strengthen the construction of social sports instructors, strengthen teams, stimulating vitality, and improve the guidance level. Encourage units and individual research and development, promote sports fitness projects and fitness methods such as adolescents, women, elderly, farmers and herdsmen, occupational populations, popularize sports fitness knowledge, providing scientific fitness guidance, stimulating people’s fitness enthusiasm. Improve the sports volunteer service mechanism to create a national fitness volunteer service brand. Continue to promote the implementation of “Internet + National Fitness”, enhance the quality of service of Inner Mongolia’s national fitness public service platform, make full use of modern technology, improve the convenience and effectiveness of scientific and fitness guidance, and promote national fitness intelligence development. Implement national physical fitness monitoring, national physical exercise standards and national fitness activities, implement national physical exercise standards, form a normalization model, provide data on scientific decision-making.

6. Promote national fitness and national health integration development. The national fitness is an important foundation and guarantee for assisting the construction of China and sports powers. In order to improve the physical quality and health level of all ethnic groups in the whole group, the synergy and related work requirements of the national fitness and the health of the whole people and the health of the whole people will be implemented to jointly share the sharing. Resource supply, strengthen various people’s physical health interventions, innovate incentives, improve monitoring systems, establish sports and health and health, etc. Promote the extension of the national physical fitness monitoring mechanism to the grassroots level to promote the typical experience of the fusion of physical and health.

The second quarter of innovative competitive sports development model, enhances the glory of the country,

Comprehensive strength for the honor for the autonomous region

1. Improve the development of competitive sports. On the basis of the full development of the national system advantage, fully excavate the new model of social resources and innovate competitive sports. Encourage the city and social forces to participate in the construction of excellent sports team in the autonomous region. Improve the “prize-to-compensation” policy measures and the support mechanism for the establishment of brand events to social power, organize national key events. Encourage social forces and individuals to undertake the training entries for sports in the autonomous region. Encourage and support eligible universities to undertake the task of building an excellent sports team of the autonomous region.

2. Optimize the project structure layout. Adhere to the actual, supplement short board, strong weakness, and develop sports with Inner Mongolia characteristics. Consolidate the expansion of the heavy competition project, accelerate the development of traditional advantageous projects such as equestrian, shooting, archery, hockey, competing, marathon, and vigorously support the role of rugby, iron, and bicycle and other potential projects to the advantage project. Accelerate the popular winter project, build a winter project training system, expand the winter sports coverage, improve the echelon, consolidate the foundation, and improve the level of competition.

3. Enhance the quality of excellent sports team construction. Adhere to the athletes, the coaches are arrested together, causing urgent need to use and grasp the queues, which are both attracted back and go out, and both grasp the level of skills and the improvement of ideological will. Combined with major events prepare for the participation needs, strengthen the construction of sports research basic conditions, strengthen the construction of composite training management teams, and construct a scientific training system that adapts to the development trend of competitive sports. Focus on the construction of the National Sports General Administration key laboratory of sub-plateau training monitoring and function assessment. Strengthen research on scientific selection and basic training, and focus on solving key technical problems of key projects. Implementing the training plan of the young and middle-aged coaches, focusing on a number of local leading military trainers with international vision, innovation thinking and higher coaching levels, theoretical practice, and building a superb coach team. Strengthen the ideological and political work of the sports team, implement the fundamental tasks of the Lordshire people, integrate the content of the Chinese nation’s national community consciousness into the daily education content of the sports team, guide firmly and share the common body concept, Comprehensively improve the overall quality of athletes. Resolutely promote anti-doping struggle, strengthen the construction of the competition, strengthen the gold medal, style of the morality, and clean gold medals, and resolutely do the stimulant problem “zero tolerance”. Further improve the security and incentive mechanisms such as retired athletes employment resettlement policy, improve athletes, coaches income distribution.

4. Strengthen the construction of exercise training security system. Accelerate the upgrading and transformation of sports training security system, establish intelligent, scientific, and integrated training security platform in integrating training, tamil flash news today live scientific research, rehabilitation, testing and big data analysis. The national northern football training base, Wuchuan Sports Training Base, Inner Mongolia Ice Sports Training Center and other venues have become a domestic first-class modern sports training base. Support and encourage alliances to play their own advantages, create national, autonomous regional comprehensive or single training bases. Guide social quality resources to build competitive sports reserve talent training base. Encourage social strength to build physical research, sports rehabilitation, sports equipment research and development.

5. Do a good job in the preparation of major events. Strive for more athletes to participate in the International Competition on behalf of the country, strive to be in the 2022 Beijing Winter english news national news Olympics, 2022, Hangzhou Asian Games, 2023 Guangxi 3rd National Student (Youth) Games, 2024 Paris Olympics and other domestic and international large-scale competitions It has achieved excellent results. Do a good job in the 15th National District of 2022. Actively apply international, national events, and strive to build a large influence brand event to expand the popularity of Inner Mongolia.

In the third quarter, we have deeply deepen the integration of physical education and promote the healthy development of adolescents.

1. In-depth promotion of the blend of body education. Sports, education departments improve the joint meeting system, implement national and autonomous regions related wwwnewscom policies, and promote the fusion of physical education. Strengthen school sports work, encourage support for school physical education, and prepare sports exercise as auxiliary, adolescent sports social organizations relying on students’ basic motion skills enrollment path. Accelerate the improvement of the school sports event system, gradually increase the project coverage, and promote the postgraduate assessment indicators of the sports curriculum examination. Increase sports traditional special schools, all levels of sports schools and universities at high level sports teams, play the role of sports traditional specialty school demonstration leading, standardized declaration standards and methods, construct primary school, junior high school, high school sports traditional characteristics school gridization The layout mode encourages retirement athletes to serve as sports teachers or coaches, serving school sports. Guide all kinds of sports schools at all levels to match the excellent cultural courses, match the strong coaches, improve the quality of education and teaching management and special professional training.

2. Construct a teen health promotion system. Establish a “health first” education concept. Sports, education sectors jointly promoted, shared resources, promoting the coordinated development of young people culture and physical exercise. Improve physical education quality, implement athlete cultural courses (thinking) and body test, implement adolescent sports activities to promote the promotion of adolescent sports “health package” project. Strengthen sports intervention for key health problems such as adolescents, myopia, and scoliosis. Strengthen the physical monitoring of young people, carry out adolescent sports scientific fitness guidance, and enrich the Youth Sports Events. Create a brand activity such as “One School, One Pin”, “One School, Multi-Pin”, “Million Youth Snow”, “Mongolun Baby · Children’s Sports Conference”, “Muling Baby · Youth Sports Carnival” and other brand activities. Establish incentive mechanisms, play a professional advantage, promote the popularization of adolescent sports, guide young people to actively participate in physical exercise, master 1-2 sports skills, and focus on improving the physical health of young people, help sports strong zone construction and national fitness programs.

3. Strengthen adolescents’ sports training system. Encourage and support the Allied municipal sports schools and the county-level amateur school and local high-quality primary school, middle school, high school and sports traditional specialty schools jointly run schools, jointly build a team, jointly cultivate young sports backup talents, focus on building 20 young amateur sports schools (National Fitness Center). Strengthen the cultivation of traditional sports projects such as track and field and ball. Vigorously create the Youth Sports Club, strengthen the standardization training, scientific training and standardization construction of young sports clubs. Relying on various types of sports schools and national fitness center pilot building a parental sports training center. The School Physical Education Improves the Development Model of “Health Knowledge + Basic Sports Skills + Special Sports Skills”. In the process of building adolescent training systems and transporting adolescent sports backup talents, fully play the basic role of schools, the integrity of Youth Sports Clubs and the role of the sports school fortress, and focus on the quality of the self-government excellent sports team delivery talents.

4. Improve the adolescent sports competition system. Optimize all kinds of adolescent sports competitions at all levels, break out athletes registration, grade assessment barriers, broaden athletes entry channels, strengthen event supervision and management and anti-doping work, enhance the transparency of competition, create a fair and harmonious and clean competition environment for athletes. Sports, education departments jointly develop competition plans, jointly organize implementation, joint management certification, and construct the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Youth Sports Competition System. Encouraged the local system for competition, enhance the fun of the event activities and the attraction of the event brand. Further enhance the quality of the competition, expand the number of competition projects, strengthen the organizational strength, explore the new model of “online + off” event, and give full play to the leverage of the sports competition.

The fourth quarter improves the quality of sports industry, which is an economic society in Inner Mongolia.

High quality development provides new motivation

1. Excavate sports consumption potential. According to the overall work deployment of the autonomous region, highlight ecological priority, green development and guidance, relying on the characteristic natural resources and folk resources to build the autonomous region, the four seasons of sports industry form, and accelerate the formation of the faucet in the formation of fitness and competition. Relying on “One Belt”, “China Mongolian Economic Corridor” “along the Yellow River Economic Zone”, “Beijing-Tianjin Qianxian Development Economic Circle” and other national key layout projects, actively develop two domestic and foreign markets, mobilize quality resources at home and abroad, and improve sports The quality of the industry development. Encourage conditional flag counties (city, districts) to create a city sports service complex to create conditions for the mass sports consumption in sports facilities. Innovative sports consumption leading mechanism, carrying out the pilot work of “sports consumption demonstration city”. Promote sports industry, sports services extend to rural pastoral areas, promote the development of rural economy, and help farmers and herdships to pursue a better life.

2. Strong market main power. Support sports training, planning, consulting, brokerage, marketing, fitness, rehabilitation and other sports service entities, combined with practical introduction of domestic and foreign sports events and well-known enterprises. Strengthen the construction and management of sports industry bases, and promote the formation of a group of national and autonomous regional sports industrial demonstration regions, demonstration bases and demonstration projects that have been well-driven. Innovative regional economic growth motivation, enhance the overall strength of regional development. Improve the operational management mechanism for special funds for sports development and improve fund use efficiency. Improve the supervision system of the sports market, promote the self-constraints of the sports market, integrity management.

3. Enrich sports products supply. Focus on the development of competition performances, fitness and leisure and sports services. The rich festival holiday sports event is supplied to create a batch of well-known sports companies at home and abroad and have influential sports brands. Promote “sports +” industry integration development, promote sports and education, health, culture, tourism, media, information, finance, and exhibitions and other industries, increase industry added value, meet the increasing multiculturalism of sports. Do a good job in the development and utilization of ice and snow sports resources in the “post-winter transport” era, vigorously promote the special sports projects such as snow football, stockings, ice dragon boats, and continue to contribute to “300 million people involved in the ice and snow movement”. Strengthen risk prevention and control and loss of lottery, adhere to the public welfare positioning of sports lottery, and do a good job in sports lottery sales. Accelerate the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence and “sports + other economic form” depth integration, and continuously improve the development of intelligence of sports industry.

The fifth section promotes the popularization of county football promotion, accelerating the innovation of institutional mechanisms

Explore the road to open up the development of football in the county, and wear the combination of the county development football. Grab the integration of the bodynience and teaching, improve the Youth Football Competition System, and actively carry out various types of events, and continue to strengthen the training of adolescents. Creating a county social football culture atmosphere, promoting social football, adolescent football, campus football, professional football and other development, driving in Inner Mongolia regional football development in the new level.

Supporting all levels of football society organizations work according to law according to law, encouraging social forces to participate in football development in a wholly owned, multi-investment, etc., accelerate the construction of football system.

The construction of football venue facilities was carried out due to local conditions, and the utilization rate of football sites was improved. Promote the construction of national northern football training bases to achieve full coverage of football characteristics, Qixian (city, district) and community cage football venues. Encourage social strength to invest in football field construction and participate in public football venue facilities maintenance, management, improve relevant fiscal and tax policies, and comprehensively improve the operational capacity and comprehensive benefits of football field.

The sixth section promotes the prosperity and development of sports culture, and helps civilized Inner Mongolia construction

Give full play to the unique features of sports in cultivating the Chinese national community, promote national unity, maintaining the stability of the frontier stability. Constructing a new pattern of sports allocation to create a wide focus on the whole society, support the strong atmosphere of sports development. Develop sports events, sports exhibitions, sports media, sports publishing, audio and video products, sports advertising, sports collection and other sports cultural and creative product markets, create a group of influential sports cultural products. Strengthen sports academic exchange. Vigorously carry out sports social science research and strengthen the transformation of results. Strengthen the construction of sports cultural carrier, create “Inner Mongolia Sports Yearbook”, and promote the development of sports cultural exhibitions. Implement the upgrade and transformation of Inner Mongolia Sports Museum, encourage conditional Allies to build sports museums, showroom. Sports, national affairs, cultural and tourism, etc., should strengthen cooperation, focus on the consciousness of the Chinese nation, in-depth tuning of traditional sports cultural connotations, jointly build a batch of sports cultural demonstration projects, establish a non-legacy record of sports culture, strengthen traditional sports culture And protection. Implementing the strategy of “walking out” in the autonomous region of sports culture, support traditional sports projects to carry out domestic and foreign exchange cooperation, enhance the influence and appeal of Inner Mongolia sports culture at home and abroad.

Seventh section deepens sports exchange cooperation, talking in Inner Mongolia Story

Based on China’s construction of my country to open an important bridgehead strategic positioning to the north, the sports industry has become a “row soldier” on my country to open an important bridgehead in north. Deepening the exchange of exchanges with Mongolia, the Russian sports community, strengthening the Sino-Russian Mongolian and civilian and sports exchanges, supporting the China and Mongolian high schools to carry out sports exchange cooperation, and support the establishment of cooperative relations with Mongolia, Russian Sports Organization in the autonomous region, Russian Sports Organization. Found regional sports organizations to jointly promote regional sports synergy, synergy. Strengthen competitive sports exchanges, strive to build a number of talents jointly cultivated by autonomous regional sports such as wrestling, boxing, equestrian, archery, ice and snow, football, etc. Strengthen competition exchanges and continue to do key events such as China and Russian International Youth Games and China and Russian International Senior Games. Continue to strengthen sports exchanges along the national and regions along the “One Belt”, carry out football exchange activities to the world, and accelerate the level of football. Do a good job in communication with Hong Kong, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan’s sports community, support the autonomous regional sports social organization to play a positive role.

Chapter IV Protection Measures

The first section strengthens the organization leadership, pay attention to the department

Give full play to the work mechanisms and social organization role of the national fitness and the national health deep integration joint meeting, strengthen the planning and policies of the department, promote resource sharing, collaborate to improve the public service level, and to implement the inner Mongolia task promoted in the construction of sports. Strengthen the scientific connection between the “14th Five-Year” sports plan and the national economic and social development planning of the autonomous region, establish planning and implementation responsibility system, key tasks, key projects, key projects, key projects, key projects, and tasks for sports reform and development.

The second section is fully deepening the reform, innovation development model

In-depth promotion of the reform of the sports management system, implement the “venting service” reform task, adhere to the problem-oriented and outcome orientation, and focus on solving the problems of the administrative, business, society, enterprises, further transform the government functions, adjust the functional responsibility of optimization business units , Steadily promote the physicalization reform of the association. Establish and improve the supporting measures to support the development of sports industry, form a multi-sectoral linkage mechanism, reducing social capital, support sports industry development threshold, and create a good business environment. Adhere to the opening of sports, mobilize the enthusiasm of the community, build management office separation, internal and external linkage, and flexible and efficient sports development model, form a new situation in sports development sharing of all people, promote the social governance system of autonomous region and The process of governance capacity is coordinated with the level of national economic development in the district.

In the third quarter, play the system advantage and strengthen the maintenance of elements

Strengthen the rule of law. Promote the improvement of the policy and regulatory system to ensure the implementation of various policies. Strengthen the construction of the team, improve the coordination mechanism, build the intention of the intention of the social administrative law enforcement system, and promote the effective sports administrative law enforcement system, and fully promote the body according to law. Strengthen funding. Increasing finances to invest in sports development and sports investment financing support, support the investment mechanism of sports development funding, multi-channel financing, support sports development. Strengthen the management performance evaluation of sports lottery public welfare funds. Enhanced land protection. Scientifically prepare special planning for sports facilities at all levels, and comprehensively implement the requirements of the national fitness site facilities construction site, the land distribution is included in the landline planning to ensure effective supply of sports project construction. Strengthen talent guarantee. Actively introduce sports talents at home and abroad, coordinate sports management talents, competitive sports professionals, social sports instructors, sports science and sports industry talents, and continuously improve the quality of sports talents. Strengthen security. Implement safety production and epidemic prevention and control requirements, do a good job in the safety risks of event safety, establish an efficient event risk assessment, emergency, supervision and service mechanism to ensure all kinds of sports events, and safe and orderly activities.

The fourth quarter promotes standardized information construction, strengthen supervision evaluation

Comprehensively implement the national standardization strategy, promote the construction of sports standardization, and accelerate the construction of standard systems that promote high quality development in sports and sports industry. Fully implement the network strong country, digital China and the national data strategy, consolidate the construction of sports information infrastructure, improve the sports information system system, and improve the all-in-region sports information database. Establish and improve the supervision and evaluation system for sports policy regulations and industry standards, establish a dynamic monitoring and evaluation mechanism for planning implementation, conduct planning mid-term assessment and final assessment, support credit service agencies, colleges and research institutes and other third-party institutions Take the homework for the evaluation of sports work. Enhance the evaluation results, insist on the evaluation results as an important basis for management supervision, incentive constraints, and promote high quality development of sports in the whole region.

(Source: Office of the People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region)

Original title: “Notice of the Office of the People’s Government of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Printing and Distributing the” 14th Five-Year “Sports Development Plan for Self-Administration

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In order to compete for the $ 1 billion wealth left by the 19th-century shipping giants, two Indian families are fighting for this, while Saudi Arabia, which is in the middle, does not know who should give money.?? ?? ???

According to Hong Kong “Nanhua Morning Post” on the 7th, these two families live in Kerala, India, and they are less than a few miles apart from each other. And this money has been lying in the Gallery of Saudi Arabia for decades, because Saudi and India are unable to rulings which of these two families have legitimate inheritance rights.

These two families have been lobbying the Saudi government to give this money, but Saudi has been confused by each other, and has to ask the Indian government to say that it is true. However, India has never been able to help because they are also confused.

This dispute top tamil news paper dates back to the 1970s and a person named Mayankutty Keyi. At that time, Kai lived in the Coast of Malaba, Kera, and operated a fleet. When Key went to Mecca, he was shocked and found that there was no place in a different place, and he used his own money to build a building for pilgrims from Kerala in Kirlah.

For half a century, the pilgrims from Kerala have lived in the building, but they don’t understand the situation of Kay himself. I only know that he and the Arakar family marriage.

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Alacale family

About the 1950s, Saudi wants to expand the area around Mecagool and dismantled the building of Kay. The estimate of the building was $ 100 million. In addition to paying the compensation of the building, the Saudi government also gave an alternative house. In the early 1970s, the replacement house was also demolished. But because the heirs cannot be confirmed, the demolition is still in the hands of the Saudi government.

According to the report, the key to the controversy is that there is no child in Kay and his wife. The people of the Kay family insist that there is no child, so the future generation of the hero mig 24t cycle price Kai Brothers is the heir. However, the wife of Kai Yi’s Arakar believes that they are the descendants of this tycoon. Like the Hindis in Kera, this family follows the mother system, under the matrix system, the property passes through mother and female relatives.

For this problem, a Kerala retirement official suggested that both families should not claim this money because it is personal property. Let Saudi to use this money for charity purposes. The report finally said that after the competition for half a century, the two families will accept this solution and have to be observed.

(Original title: Hong Kong media: $ 1 billion wealth is lying in the Saudi Golden Trees for decades, love live all stars release date India’s two families are still fighting)

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