FIFA Official: The World Football Award will start voting on November 22nd, awarded January 17

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Live Bar October 8th, Beijing time, October 10, 8 o’clock, 8 o’clock in the World Preliminary Asian region, China will meet the weak Tuanjima at home. 4 years ago, Guam was defeated Turkmenistan with a 1-0 score in the Asian Cup qualifiers, and the India with more than 1 billion population was defeated with a score of 2-1. However, the current preliminaries, they lost to the Maldives and the Philippines before the game.

Before the game of China, Cilv, Guafei accepted an interview with the official website of Aflian. This old will say: “For us, China is a perfect match. Obviously, we long museum shanghai chinahave the result of the past two games Very disappointment. When we want to fight these two teams, we should get points. However, when they were in China, they might loudab and see that they may think that this game is just a furnish, because of the statistics Data is still unfavorable to us. “

“However, if the Chinese team thinks that we will easily defeat us to meet the game of the Philippines, then they may be lost in Jingzhou.”

“You can call it naive, but we really believe that you can achieve good results in the face of China. I have asked if I have pressure in front of the 50,000 fans, but we don’t have any pressure. Everyone They all think that we will lose, this is a quotes on indo china relations chance to be our young players. It is a chance to accumulate experience. In the face of the top team, this is the opportunity we grow as a team, we will See what you can do. As a team who wants to compete with the opponent, we need this. You always want to make your hands with the best team. “

“Four years ago, we have a lot of experienced players. At present, this team is insufficient. However, in terms of this team and Guam Football, we are walking china border news on a correct road.”

“After coming to Guangzhou, we have joked that people in the hotel and the training base may be more than those of our entire island. In the face of China’s opponents, we will see this game as David face songs Asian competition. We have overlinked a strong enemy, at least in terms of population and China, so why can’t we do it again? “

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