82 days waiting! Messi Perfect Performance: 30 meters straight to Oolong, 87 minutes World Wave

At 0 o’clock in the morning of November 21, Beijing, the 14th round of the fifty, the southern Paris Saint-Germain is hostably. 3-1, Big Paris winning, Messi’s wear arrow harvest the first ball! At 82 days of bitter, the fans witnessed Messi’s figurine.

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On the Law List, Paris Saint-Germain 13 games 34 points, open the 2nd place, 10 points. However, this summer joined Messi, the Messi of Paris, has not yet harvested in the fifaka. This game, Messi, Mbpe, Neimar 3 major superstar first.

The game has just opened for 2 minutes, Paris Saint-Germain has achieved lead! Pares is long, Mbpe responds to the god, put the ball into the door, Paris 1-0 lead!

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Mbpe’s goal time, fixed in 1 minute 41 seconds, which is Paris Saint-Germain in the past 4 and a half years, the fastest fifty goals. On May 14, 2017, Saint Etien was born, and the big Paris opened 1 minute and 21 seconds. This goal is also the earliest time for Mbpe professional football career!

Messi, Nemaar, Mbpe’s super trident, constantly playing a wonderful cooperation. In the 17th minute, Nemar became passed, and Messi’s puff was thrown out. In the 26th minute, Messi sent Malmar, but unfortunately, the inner market was too large.

Big Paris 1-0 leader in the first half. Easy to fight again, the 65th minute scene suddenly walked: Navas shot down the 10th Balase, the main red card penalty, Paris 10 hit 11!

Navas was punished, Paris needs to keep defensive framework and stability, Messi, Nema, Mbpe 3 big superstars, who will be replaced? At this time, an interesting scene: Paris coach Pochntino and Mbpeur, seem to be “doing work” to Mbpe. However, it was finally replaced by Nemal.

Naturally, it is naturally unhappy. CCTV’s mouth is interpreted: Messi, Nemaar, Mbpe, 3 people who have been replaced, it means that his “status” seems to be less than two other people, and some are somewhat subtle. So I can understand why Nemar is unhappy.

In the 76th minute, the Nantes hit the score. However, the 81st minute, Paris Saint-Germain has rewarded leading:

Benefic from the ball, Messi left the left foot to send straight, Nante defender put shovel to intercept, but the ball has a refraction, after the high flew, the door will go to the net, Paris 2-1!

In the 87th minute, it comes to Messi’s moment! In addition to the large-proof area, Messi left the foot shot, the ball is like a heart and arrow, and Paris 3-1!

Ashirav, Mbpe, Gay, Messi hugs together! This is the people of Messi in the fifak, and it is precious! In August, January 30, on August 30th, Dafa Tunnel, to the people of Paris, and the Paris ball, etc., etc., waiting until Messi’s outbreak!

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Expand the industry, Liverpool boss intends to acquire NHL team Pittsburgh penguins

According to the mirror news, Liverpool boss intends to acquire Pittsburgh penguins, the latter is a US NHL Ice Hockey Team.

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20 years ago, Henry created Fenwei Group, and acquired Boston socks in 2002, which has become one of the ganguly newsworld’s most valuable baseball teams.After entering the master Liverpool, the Fenwei Group is focused on the team and won the Premier League champion and the Champions League.

At present, the market value of the two teams that only Liverpool and the Red Socks have reached 5.4 billion pounds.In the era of epidemic, Fenwei Group is ready to continue to expand its own industry.

The Mirror is pointed out that the Fenwei Group will acquire 4tv news todayPittsburgh Penguin with a price of 630 million pounds.After the transaction is completed, the Group’s net assets will exceed 6 billion pounds.

At the same time, the Mirror Thinking that the Fenwei Group will not be satisfied, they may acquire an English-free team in the future, and an NBA team.

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Can’t come to Haro, and envy Say Bye

Self-understanding, no matter how good we are, there is always a “child’s child” live in his parents’ mouth, live in our ears.

After growing up, “the lives of others” have become important news todaythe ideal lifestyle we pursue. Harow town covers residential, commercial, education, park, leisure and entertainment, etc. Everything is ideal.

latest news live today From the perspective of life, the overall total planning of Harowum is about 40,000 m2 commercial support, and the town center, Haro Castle, small towns, etc., plans to cover the business center, education center, cultural center, etc. to build Beijing East Business Life. New landmark.

In terms of residence, small towns strictly define new standards for “park planning, home-type research, quality decoration”, only the park is covered with the static partition, human car diversion, comfort scale, neighborhood interaction.

Humanities, small towns from philosophy newsp to details, comprehensively build a healthy and vital community, planning landscape trails, slow runways, and river parks, providing multi-outdoor rest space and healthy exercise.

A new Beijing urban circle, sunshine, Harlow town is rising, bringing a new life experience for people who love life.

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1 shot to enter 1 ball country Derby Rating Allaba’s highest

  Spain countries Debi, Real Madrid beat Barcelona.

  After live news page the latest news articles game, SofaScore website score, Alaba 7.5 points.

  Statistics show that Araba kicked the audience, he took 1 shot, and he entered a goal, and there were 2 consecutive, and 1 shot.He also steals, and the ground is all winning.5 times lost the ball, 1 time was fouled.

  He is 60 times in the audience, 51 passes 47 times in place, and the pass accuracy is 92%.He has 1 time, but he has not been ness googleutilized.5 news update today long passed 2 times in place.

  The hot map of the game shows that he has a very large coverage in the left and middle road.



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26 kindergartens in Henan, the national football special kindergarten demonstration park

  The National Youth Campus Football Work Leading Group Office is publicized. According to the self-employment of kindergartens, the education administrative department is recommended, the Chinese Football Development Foundation is determined, the National School Focus Expected 983 National Football Characteristic Kindergarten Demonstration Park, Henan 26 kindergarten List:

  Zhengzhou City, Zhengdong New District, the first kindergarten; Zhengzhou Zhengdong New District Experimental Kindergarten; Zhengzhou Jinshui District Jingshi Sunshine Kindergarten; Zhengzhou Zhongyuan District Jingwei Garden Kindergarten; Zhengzhou Jinshui District First Kindergarten; Zhengzhou Huiji District Experiment Kindergarten; Zhengzhou Aviation Port Area latest headlines todayNautical Kindergarten; Kimming news english news Kindergarten in Kaifeng New District; Kaifeng City, Kangle Kindergarten; Kaifeng City, Urban and Rural Areads Demonstration Zone, Aile Tianxin Kindergarten; Kaifeng City Hui Kindergarten; Kaifeng City Star Kindergarten; Kaifeng City Education System Kindergarten; Xinyue Kindergarten; Kaifeng Tianjiao Kindergarten; Kikai County Kindergarten; 氏 县 直 机;; 氏 张 市 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场 市场川 县 幼 幼儿 园; Linzhou City Zhenlin Kindergarten; Xinxiang City Talent Kindergarten; Fuyang City Experimental Kindergarten; Xuchang City Dongcheng District Experimental Kindergarten.

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"Stick your best, still love you!" Everyone has continued to refuel for the Chinese football of the efforts | National Football | Wu Lei |

  Qianjiang Evening News · Hour Journalist Cao Linbo

  The sixth round of the 12th race, the national football 1-1 draws Australia, and after the game, all parties have published comments.

  Luo Guofu once again thanked the fans again.

  “Thank you for your concern, let’s fight for the country, can be honored in the national team, thank you for your text messages, too india news news channel much, you can’t reply one by one.”

  This game completed the first show of the national team to express my feelings in the individual social media. Barton wrote: “Thank you for your concern, very happy to complete your national team’s first show! Continue to cheer.”

  Media Madoxing believes that the expense of the test error, but the growth should be allowed to official newsmake mistakes.

  “Alan, Luo Guofeng and Axson bones or Brazilian players, they don’t know what is” fear “, and Chinese players have different psychological stress in key competitions, and they are still fearless. Although These two games only got 2 points, but in the face of Oman and Australia, it is indeed the best two games in the 12th game. We can see that the national football is also starting to go to the right track. The players are continuously lost to Australia. After Japan and Saudi, sum up lessons learned, can make adjustments, self-correction, but also timely, only ‘tuition’ and ‘consideration’ is some expensive. “

  Huang Jianxiang, a well-known football commentator, delivered his own views on a personal social media.

  “Today’s 1-1, proved that 0-3 before two news update today months is a strategic mistake, today Xu Xin proves that he is wrong when he is ahead, and today, the second half is pressed, and it will prove the first half and play. The turtle in Japan is a tactical failure. “

  “Today’s performance proves that the Chinese team can be a war, at least the current points ranking does not accurately reflect strength. Look at the conference, and I really predict the game after the game.”

  Commentator Zhan Jun said that the national football is still alive:

  “Luo Guofei is blocked, and Axson is a free kick of the other handball foul, Wu Lei is cool and quietly exhausted, and these are all the teams do not give up the fight against fighting and tenacious bright performance. Advantage Wan Xinghan on the game, and the pulse of Wu Xinghan, Barton is full of powerful. It is better than the eight-year-old team of Asia, and our skills is almost, but the whole team has proved: do not have regrets! “

  Liu Wei, a football explanation, said that the national football performance is progressive:

  “No longer losing the ball, this is a big comfort in my heart. The progress is progressing, this is a matter of encouragement tonight. In the 12th game, we are not passive and beaten, not to send a strong team. Australia, I took out a kind of “Even if I have entered the tiger mouth, I have to go to the two teeth.” Maybe it is so good to be so good. Tonight, I don’t talk about points ranking, don’t talk about tactical play; just want The identity of the explanation said that the feeling of ordinary fans, only on the active positive power of the national football, and the results of the Australia are successful. Take advantage of the whole force, still love you! “

  “Maca” pays attention to the performance of Wusui, this game.

  “Maca” said that Wu Lei’s goal saved the Chinese national team, but the Pingapore is still not enough for China. China wants to participate in the 2022 World Cup’s difficulty continues to increase.

  At the same time, “Maca” also focused on Wu Lei’s injury, Wu Lei lifted his hurt in the end of the game. However, the Spanish media said that Wu Lei’s injured situation Spanish fans don’t worry. From the contest, Wu Lei is also due to cramps.

  “Masterk” also wrote that Wu Lei Ben Lei has already entered 12 goals and is the second place in the Asian district.

  Reporter Zhao Yu:

  “The result is good, the process is also a variety of possible. The last battle of the national football team did not collapse, or brought a” some warmth “that I said before the game. The most important thing is that the Chinese team passed through five games After that, finally found the most suitable starter arrangement. Continue to work hard, Chinese football in the cold winter needs more victory and warmth. “

  Media people Zhu Yi:

  “I took 1 point from the kangaroo! Not bad! Thank Var, thank Wu Lei! It is very tangled in front, 30 minutes’ rhythm is very good!”

  Reporter Feng Wei:

  “Anyway, four major naturalization first, the national football team is flat, this is the best way to play. You will not have a blackweight player, I doubt your IQ.”

  Wang Tao:

  “Tonight, the national football finally played his normal level and ability. This is the national foot we want to see. They are great. This is also a mirror, let regret zoom in. Maybe life is also the case, understand I have not cherished. “

  Netizens always feel:

  “The whole game is much better than the previous game. But the old period of time has not changed. In addition to several naturalized players and Xu Xin dare to take the ball, the squalls are interrupted. Outside the play, the rest of the players feel that the ball is very hot, and the ball will be thrown to the teammates. As for it, it is not good to say. It has always stressed that the player is not confident, the player is not confident, the player is not confident. Why is not confident? Technology is poor, In the domestic latest information league, you are all reasons. Finally, Li Tie is really not suitable for replacement, no one is the same, it is better to catch you. “

  Netizen Mono:

  “This performance is very satisfied, can’t understand, the first half competition.”

Special statement: The content of the above article only represents the author’s point of view, does not represent Sina.com opinion or position. If the content, copyright or other issues are pleased to contact Sina.com within 30 days of the work.

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The central government issued a notice to deploy the whole group to seriously study and promote the implementation of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party.

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Irrfan Khan Irrfan Khan was died in a hospital in Mumbai, and IRRFAN KHAN.

Irfan Khan was born in Rajasthan, Rajasthan. He participated in the film “Good Many Meng Bao” in 1988, and participated in the comedy episode “Banegi APNI Baat” in 1994. In 2009, Erfan Khan starred in the police in the “Millionaire” of the slums, so many people impressed.

In 2012, the 3D movie “The Fantasy Drifting” of Irfan Khan starred in the world was released globally, and received attention on the 43nd Indian International Film Festival, not only as a film festival, but also enjoyed two Time treatment. At the press conference of the film festival, Khan said that this story can touch a lot of people, one person even only hears some lines, and it will be tears. “This story is very good, there will be feelings at different times. “

In the same year, sweat can play a big reaction in “extraordinary spider-child”. In 2015, he played a big boss of the resurrection dinosaur in the movie “Jurassic World” directed by Colin Tricevo. In April 2018, the movie “starting line” starred in China was released in China.

Irfan Khan also witnessed the development of “Bollywood hot” and China-printed film culture. The movie “starting line” tells a pair of Indian middle couples to make google recent news articlestheir daughters to accept better education, and they will always send them to the story of the famous school, and make many Chinese audiences resonate. The film has been released at the domestic release of 186 million box office, far from India, the word of mouth is also good. On the 8th Asian Film Award, Irfan Khan also defeated Liang Chaowei, Li Kangsheng, Song Kang, Fushan Yazhi, and won the Best Male Actor.

According to foreign media reports, Irfan Khan and neuroendocrine tumors have been struggled for two years. After London, he returned to Mumbai several months ago, and was sent to the intensive care room. His family said in a statement published, Irfan Khan is in the last few hours of life “by his most concerned family, his love”.

latest news today in english

The news of Irfan Khan Dredited also triggered a lot of mourning of Chinese fans. Many netizens watched his movies and other films. Some people quoted the lines in the “Juvenile Fantasy Drifting” to commemorate this classic film: “Life is constantly put down, but the most sad, it is not good to say goodbye.”

Source: View on the news

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One is three just time problems? The United Nations issued a warning for India: Continue to make a demon

Nowadays, under the impact of the global epidemic crisis, more and more countries have not hidden their military ambitions, and the military operations are constantly being turmoil. When it comes to this, I have to mention India with unusual self-confidence. Report, according to the Global google comnewsNetwork, India’s first ship7400The tonged insulation destroyer will be delivered soon, and many of the stages have declared that the Indian Navy has now entered the stage of full outbreak. At the same time, in India, it will ensure that the first domestic aircraft carrier “Victor” is2022year8Officially serve in the month ago.

In this regard, the relevant person analyzed that the two news for the Indian navy in the international situation, it is a needle.“cardiac”. However, from the long long ago, the champion of the second sea trial work in Wiklanta, can’t help but doubt this is “Wolf.” It has always been, although India’s domestic military strength is very weak, but it is still a strong military ambition, even if you want to dominate the Indian Ocean, each year will submit an application to the United Nations on joining permanent members.

In the case of continuous intensification of the domestic epidemic crisis, India still has frequently provocating surrounding countries and regions in the border, and also in the United States has held many military exercises and completely exposing military ambitions. In fact, the previous United Nations once made a clear warning, indicating that if India continues to make a demon, or will2030The year was all divided into three, and the split was only a matter of time. In recent years, India has gradually recognized the importance of weapons autonomy in the development process, but it is easy to truly realize the autonomy of defense.

flash news of the day

In this regard, the relevant person analyzed that in the current situation of India’s domestic economic development, it is necessary to truly realize defense autonomy, it is difficult to increase, especially in the case of domestic epidemic crisis. After the emergence of the epidemic crisis, India not only did not put more energy on the epidemic prevention and control, but it was actively provoking the contradiction with the surrounding countries, gradually multiplying the United States.india news online today“Express”, has a great impact on the regional stability situation. In this case, the Indian government does not actually lead to the rise in diagnosis, causing strong dissatisfaction in China.

When the domestic epidemic crisis was raged, the economic development of India has been huge and even negative growth, and the Indian government has repeatedly proposed all kinds of unrealisticgoogle feed “Military Program” also thoroughly stimulated the domestic tensions. In this regard, many experts bluntly say that if India continues to make a demon in the international community, not to listen to the clear warning of the United Nations, will usher in a three-point situation.

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Guangdong Kai Strategy: The market is expected to continue to travel in the shock to optically optimize consumption + growth double main line

Source: Wall Street

  The Indian capital is facing a serious power crisis.

  According to Reuters, India’s central grid operators show that the Fuel stock in India’s 135 coal power plants is less than 3 days, while India is about 70% of electricity supply from these power plants.

  At the same time, the analysis of daily load scheduling data for Indian central power grid regulators, India is only 11.2% breaking news headlines of India’s total year gap in India only in October.

  India At this time, from mid-October, it has entered the festival season, and the power demand is expected to increase. According to local media reports, several states on Saturday, and the Punjab, Rajasthan, Rajasthan, announced that the power outage is 4 hours to protect the coal supply.

  After the blocked measures of the epidemic, the consumer resuscitation has brought pressure to the demand and supply chain, and the energy price soaring also enables global energy supply to be tight.

  Wall Street saw the previous mention, India’s more than half of the power plant has been less than three days, which may google new india destroy the country from the momentum of the epidemic.

  At the same time, many Indian officials have made a warning for this crisis and seek to obtain personally intervene in Indian Prime Minister.

  Yesterday, the Chief Secretary of Delhi said in the letter of Indian Prime Minister Narendra MoDi, the decline in coal reserves is triggeting the power crisis in the capital of the Indian capital.

  Kejriwal said, as of October 5, there is at least one power plant’s coal inventory has been exhausted, while the coal reserves of other power plants can only last for 1 to 4 days; the Indian Central Electric Power Regulatory Commission requires power plant to maintain 10 to 20 Day inventory.

  He called on Moti to intervene as soon as possible, transferring coal to the Power Plant powered by Jhajjar power station and National Capital Power Station Dadri.

  Kejriwal said:

  If this situation continues, it will seriously affect the power supply status of Delhi.

  Power supply is critical to maintaining vaccination movements, hospitals and new crown care centers.

  Kejriwal Leading AAM Aadmi Party (AAP) government minister said:

  The requirements we propose are to arrange train compartments as soon as possible and transport coal to the power plant. All power plants are now only available at 55% give me today’s news capacity.

  The coal power plant powered by Delhi must maintain at least one month of coal inventory, but the stock has dropped to one day.

  According to media reports, India’s Capital Electric Power Satyndra Jain said today:

  We rely on the power plant in Delhi. If the coal supply is not improved, the entire Delhi will be powered off after two days.

  Nomura Financial Consulting and Securities Indian Economist Aurodeep Nandi said this:

  (India) The power industry is facing a perfect storm.

  We news google comew caught such a situation: high demand, low domestic supply, and no replenishment in imports.

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Yishang Hotel Hanzhong New Store: Make History and Modern Coexistence

What is igniting an anger in the hearts of Indian farmers, making their bears burn is news like this?

Since the end of November, a group of Indian farmers have driven tractors, flock to the border of Delhi National Capital District, participate in protests. They take food, fuel and medical products, and hovely in the streets, and have been blocked in the northern part of Delhi, the western and southern borders.

As of December 12, local time, there were more than 50,000 peasants in the protest, 60% of which were from Punjab.

On the 14th, the number of protested has nearly 100,000, and 5 highways leading to Delhi were blocked. If the protest activities continue to upgrade, they are likely and news to block the railway.

What is igniting an anger in the hearts of Indian farmers, making their bears burn like this?

What should Mode?


Three bills, ignite farmers anger

This huge peasant protests originated from a agricultural reform plan of the Indian government.

In May of this year, India Finance Minister Hitatraman announced the economic assistance and reform plan named “Indian independent task”. Among g9oogle news the field of agriculture, the government has increased its investment in agricultural infrastructure, and demolished the internal barriers of agricultural products cross-state trade, and also plans to abolish the “Intermediary System” in the field of agricultural products.

[Note: The system requires a middleman, buyers in the sales of agricultural products to farmers must first set up by the official government organization “Farmers Market” or “middleman”, and then a big distributor for resale by such middlemen. 】

Modi government said intermediary groups undermines the efficiency of agriculture and the interests of farmers in India, and this calls for farmers to support the reform, the abolition of intermediaries system.

However, in fact, many Indian states have already expressly repealed intermediary system. According to India’s National Bureau of Statistics, 2012-2013, including rice, wheat and other staple crops, sale of majority share in India crops farmers market does not exceed 25%. At present, the main middleman system remains in the northern agricultural states, the “rice bowl of India,” said the Punjab (next state) and Haryana (Ha Bang) in the field of staple food crops.

In this case, the Modi Government to abolish the system is the “ulterior motives”, but in the following two points:

First, promote market-oriented agriculture, strengthen the influence of big capital in the agricultural sector, the agricultural sector by market forces regulate production;

Second, by virtue of the large depth bind Capital Group to strengthen central government control over agriculture, to create conditions for further agricultural reform.

The reform program led to discontent of farmers, who fear reform will further agricultural trade market. So, farmers market in the competition after defeat private capital, the minimum guaranteed price will be unable to carry out. Private large manufacturers will lower prices through a variety of ways, harm the interests of farmers.

[Note: The specific agricultural minimum guaranteed price, is a national institution through a special weighting scheme, considering the terms of fertilizers, electricity, labor and other inputs, security at the end of a particular agricultural product derived from the purchase price. 】

From the beginning of May, next to Ha Bang Bang, and there have been sporadic protests of farmers, but that did not stop the introduction of the reform bill.

September 19, the Indian Lok Sabha (lower house) by the three agricultural reform bill – “agricultural trade and commerce Act (enhancement and promotion)” “Farmers and agricultural price protection Service Act,” “necessity (Amendment) Act.” Its main contents include:

* Abolish intermediary system, allowing farmers to deal directly with large distributors;

* The abolition of quantitative restrictions highest agricultural enterprises reserves;

* Allows enterprises and farmers to conclude a contract, a “contract farming.”

Reform Act was announced it triggered fierce opposition Congress Party and other opposition parties, to the next, ha two states, led by farmer protests continued, and the country caused widespread response.


Market, next to the state farmers’ anxiety

Next to Ha Bang Bang and peasants are the main force of this protest, which is closely related to long-term agricultural crisis in India.

1960, India suffered persistent hunger strike, in order to solve the food problem, to maintain national food security, the government implemented the “green revolution”, to support agricultural development, provide subsidies for technical use of modern agricultural fertilizers, irrigation water pumping, take price support policy to ensure supply of major food crops. Since the economic reforms in the 1990s, India has gradually agricultural market.

Under the impetus of the series of reform measures, the rapid growth of India’s agricultural production, but also very difficult.

* Fiscal overwhelmed

Under India’s federal structure and election systems, agricultural subsidies and agricultural credit waiver policy has become a common tool of political parties canvassing, making India’s deep financial trouble. 2017-2018 fiscal year, the total amount of agricultural subsidies at all levels of government in India up to 2.355 trillion rupees, waiver of agricultural loans up to 1.222 trillion rupees, while total actual revenue was only the central 14.3523 trillion rupees.

* Production structure is irrational, environmental carrying unsustainable

Ha Bang Bang and an example to the next. This is an arid zone here, but to ensure that under the influence of price and subsidy policies, a large number of farmers to grow rice, to bring great pressure in particular the minimum agricultural products. According to Indian media reports, India’s current groundwater consumption has exceeded the sum of China and the United States, where the agricultural sector accounted for more than 90%. 2000-2017 years, the groundwater level in rice-growing areas in northern India has decreased by 23%.

* Market liberalization and increase the burden on farmers

After India’s agricultural market, lost the protection of the government, farmers have become the underdog bargaining process, direct consequences of fluctuations in agricultural production, farmers bankruptcy, suicide and other social problems frequently.

Bihar after the 2006 reform of agricultural liberalization, grain traders as the capital side of the lower prices in the grain harvest acquisition, sell a lot of harvest time, seriously weaken medium and small farmer income expectations.

The new round of agricultural reform is to poke a sore point in the next state farmers. They have deep grievances against the government policy of liberalization of agricultural trade, lower volatility compared to the free market, they favor government intervention to protect income against the domination of big capital to farmers.

In fact, in addition to rice and wheat, next to the state include cotton, corn, including many crops had to trade liberalization. Whenever the collapse of agricultural prices, the acquisition of large buyers on lower prices, more and more farmers debt losses. In live news todays recent years, Indian onions, potatoes and other crops, soaring prices several times. Government indifference when prices collapse, suppress price inflation Shique shot, or even banned exports, serious damage to the interests of farmers.

Thus, while Modi government had no intention to abolish the agricultural market, but in view of the above all the “lessons”, farmers are convinced that this is a government conspiracy. Once abolish the middleman system, large capital increase out of business by the acquisition of agricultural market, a monopoly and then lower prices, farmers will be able to dominate groups.


Government google recent news miscarriage of justice, protest gathered strength

September 27, the President of India Branch Bonaventure approved three agricultural reform bill, next to the state farmers’ protests followed them into the climax. Farmers will protest on the highway and railway tractors open, leading to traffic gridlock in the state, even a close relationship between the ruling party and the siege of large enterprises (such as Reliance) facilities.

Modi government have sufficient confidence to settle this next state farmers protest and taken a number of measures.

* Try to differentiate farmers groups

The Modi government did not directly abolish the agricultural product market, which only allowed the big dealers to directly trade with individual farmers, and also planned to increase the price of agricultural products, attempted to calm the people.

* Coinciper in combination with all state political power

In the state-based state, such as Harriana, the Moti government relies on strong suppression and quickly calm down; in the Bang of the opposition power, such as the Parties controlled by the National Party, take the suspension tax transfer payment Wait for pressure.

In addition, the protest time happens between India’s annual autumn harvest and spring-harvest grain seeding, plus new crown pneumonia epidemics spread, Modi government, I thought farmers will be busy protesting. But the facts prove that the people of the print were mistaken.

First of all, the party’s political party attitude is swaying, and the CPC has lost the political foundation of the parapher.

To the high Akari Party (SAD) is the party part of the Central Party in the Allies of the Bank. In the voting stage of the People’s Garden, SAD supports the government’s agricultural reform bill, but when farmers protest, it also expressed opposition to the Reform Act, protested from the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government in the Printing Party afterwards on September 27. The exit of the SAD marked the crash of the Central Party in the political foundation of the Bank.

Second, the unique and powerful social organizationality of bypass is possible to make persistent protests.

Boabang and Babang and Pakistan are also a large-Bundu area. In the late medieval, a large number of Jac people immigrate to this. Among them, Jiadi, who lived in Batan, India, mainly believes that Siki-bilo-farm production, often forms a small tribe, with high internal homogeneity, equality and military, and discrete with the surname Traditional Hindu society is very different.

During the British colonial ruling, the large-scale irrigation project construction was carried out, which greatly promoted local agricultural production, and the social and economic model dominated by farm agricultural economy was formed. Even in the “green revolution” and the waste of agricultural liberalization, Pharaoan farmers still maintained the tradition of some small farmers.

Protest-protested farmers form a mutualguard group, helping each other, farming, farming, farming, and protests. Rural communities also provide food and fuel without compensation, and then transport the volunteer transport team to support the front line.

Finally, in the Bartang, the middleman is not a naked interest exploiter, but an important part of the traditional rural social asylum network. They not only provide relief and borrowing of the underlying farmers, but also to the government’s important organizational strength to the government.

In the face of powerful stress, the Modi government is still not moving, and it is said that agricultural reform is “freedom” to farmers and further releases economic vitality. In the first round of negotiations with the protests of the peasant representatives, the central government did not pay attention to the demands of the peasants, and only sent the agricultural secretary (the civil servant of agricultural affairs) to participate in the negotiation. The result is no longer final, further excoriating the contradiction between farmers and governments.


Under the weight, what is Mo Di?

At the end of November, the farmers in the northern India ended, and the peasants of the Bangang continued to struggle. Babang farmers also rejoin them. On the 25th, thousands of peasants in two states opened the tractor into Delhi. The Babang government under the controlled party control once again dispatched the water gun and tearnel, suppress the protest group, and enrolled public opinion widely condemned.

The road to strong suppression of farmers protests was blocked. The protest team continued to travel to the Capital area of ??Delhi, planned to cut off the replenishment line of Delhi and forced the central government to concession. They carry sufficient dry food and camping tools to prepare for long-term protests.

At the same time, the struggle between the two state farmers saw other state farmers who were suffering from agricultural policies, and farmers who had a dozen states rushed to Delhi to protest.

From the dissatisfaction of spoofing to national protests, the problems in front of Moti are more complicated.

* The lack of important people in the early stage of failure, so that the government responds to confusion and lacks coordination.

After the upgrade of protests, the Victoria Party of North Akure claims that farmers are anti-state power and undoubtedly indulge in contradictions. Minister Indian Minister of India, the Domestic Politics “Big General Management” Amit Sha, who is infected with new crops, and rehabilled and enrolled in the southern Trentana election activities, which also severely weakened the Coordination of the Yintan ability.

Until November 29th, Shahi was organized by the peasant to organize relevant policies, and expressed their willingness to launch relevant amendments.

* With the continued spread of protests, the Modi government has a rest of the room.

The problem has been dragged, and there are more and more demands of peasants. In the fifth negotiation of December 5, protesting farmers asked the Government to fully withdraw the three agricultural reform bills.

Many opposition to the previous silent gongs will focus on the opportunity to weaken the people’s forces, and they have aid to support farmers’ protests. On December 8th, the protests protesting farmers launched the “Full Industry Strike” event across the country and supported multiple opposition, trade union and industry associations.

Farmers’ protests have also attracted the attention of the international community. Overseas Indian associations represented by the Canadian Siki Group condemned the behavior of the Modi government to suppress the demonstabilists, and assisted the peasants through remittance and other means.

Indian farmers protests are more complex, and the Modi government is facing a huge crisis.

Under the new crown pneumonia, the Modi government launched the “Indian Autonomous Tasks” large-scale economic reform plan, determined to “chemically changed the machine” by the extension of the epidemic, and promoted major capital, large consortium as the main service object, with economic liberalization Reform measures for the main features. The reform plan launched a sufficient reform measures at once, and “chemically long pain is a short pain with strong suppression”, and the Indian economy is lived.

However, it has proved that Moti has overestimated the ability of Indian society. The reform in the agricultural fields enriminated general protests, and the political foundation of the Yabang Bang was destroyed.

More seriously, the long-term liberalization reform measures have not truly improve the living standards of the Indian people, but in turn to create huge inequality, leading to the government to lose their beliefs.

In the future, there will be a contradiction between reform, development and stability between the government and the people, will still be a major challenge in India.

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